The Orchestra's Newest Member: The Luxli Timpani² RGBAW 1x1 LED Light


Please welcome the newest member of the Luxli Orchestra Series of awesome LED panel lights—the Luxli Timpani2 1x1 RGBAW LED Light—to the ensemble! Luxli has made some nice updates to its high-performance 1x1 panel light to better meet the needs of today’s filmmakers and creatives. The first Luxli Timpani is rocking a host of 4- and 5-star reviews from customers, and the Timpani2’s updates will certainly make an already capable light even better, and a worthy addition to the Orchestra Studio Series and Orchestra On-Camera Series of lights.

Luxli Timpani2 1x1 RGBAW LED Light

Luxli Timpani2 1x1 RGBAW LED Light

What is Timpani2?

The Luxli Timpani2 is a 1x1 RGBAW LED Panel light that broadcasts continuous lighting for video and photographic applications. The light is manufactured in Norway and each one comes with its own individual photometrics chart that details the light’s accuracy, consistency, and brightness.

As an RGBAW light, you can adjust correlated color temperature (CCT) from 2800 to 10,000K, as well as further hue adjustments. Additional color options are available through more than 150 simulated colored filters and 10 animated effects.

Control of the light can be done locally with an intuitive LCD panel or remotely with the Bluetooth 5-compatible Composer app on your mobile device. The Timpani2 also supports DMX 512.

At Explora, we, like our customers, love the Luxli Orchestra series—especially the original Timpani. Because of this, we have created a host of articles and videos detailing its use and capabilities. Check out our original announcement, infographic overview, an article on building a light kit with Luxli, a detailed look at the simulated Lee Filter options, a video on creative uses, using the Timpani with other light sources, and an in-depth look at the built-in special effects.

For those familiar with the original Timpani, we will start next by looking at what is new in the second version. If you aren’t familiar with the Timpani (or other Luxli Orchestra Series LED lights), we will finish with an overview of the light’s important features.

What is New?

The new panel uses a unique 5 Die LED with a TLCI and CRI rating above 97. These 5 Die LEDs allow for exact color temperature setting in CCT mode with a mixed output of amber and white LEDs. Red, green, and blue LEDs facilitate use in RGB mode and a new advanced CIE XY mode (see below).

The new Luxli Timpani2  features a new High Frame Rate (HFR) Mode that allows video to be shot at high frame rates without unwanted banding. This is accomplished by leaving one of the five LED diodes on full time so you can shoot in slow motion without stopping to calculate frame rates.

The Timpani2 also features an advanced CIE XY mode (accessed via the Composer app) that allows exact color matching in the CIE 1931 color space.

The Timpani2 features an updated and improved included diffuser. On the downside, the Timpani2 is a bit thicker (3.5" vs. 2.7") and heavier (9 lb vs 7 lb) than its predecessor due to its increased feature set and improvements.

What Does the Timpani2 Retain from the Original Version?

The Timpani2 contains all of its predecessor’s core capabilities and features. Highlights include:

  • HSL Mode—1° hue adjustments through the entire color spectrum

  • Filter Mode—Using the aforementioned 150 simulated filters, you can select colored gels at 50K increments.

  • Effects Mode—Built-in effects include fireworks, emergency lights, a campfire, and more.

  • Bluetooth 5—Full control of your light(s) with the Bluetooth-connected Luxli Composer app on a mobile device

  • LCD Screen—Onboard controls with a simple interface

  • Power Source—The Timpani2 runs on AC (plug-in 4-pin XLR) or DC (V-mount battery) power.

  • Control—The DMX 512 compatibility lets you control the CCT, HSL, and filters in 8- and 16-bit operation modes.

  • Connecting—A 5-pin XLR I/O connector allows daisy-chaining of lights.

  • Yoke—The included yoke mount has a 5/8" receiver for stand mounting.

  • Future Proof—Luxli is always rolling out firmware updates to add new capabilities to keep the light on the cutting edge.

Join the Orchestra

The Timpani2 brings more tech to the lighting party and it can be paired seamlessly with the other members of the Luxli family—in either the Orchestra Studio Series (with the Taiko 2x1) or Orchestra On-Camera Series (Fiddle, Viola, and Cello)—for creative, flexible, and precise lighting needs.

Do you have any questions about the Timpani2? Are you ready to add it to your creative lighting kit? Illuminate us in the Comments section, below.