Pro-Level Wireless Intercoms with the Hollyland Solidcom M1


Whether it’s pre-show setup or mission-critical “go live” time, professional production personnel rely on rock-solid communication systems. All the behind-the-scenes magicians—lighting techs, camera ops, personal assistants, directors, and more—can’t work their wonders if they can’t coordinate quickly and accurately. With that in mind, the Hollyland Solidcom M1 offers a complete and versatile coms package designed for small- to mid-size events with up to 1,000 guests, such as house of worship services, live shows, sporting events, trade shows, and video shoots.

Hollyland Solidcom M1
Hollyland Solidcom M1

With an immense and reliable communication range up to a 1,300' radius, crisp voice intelligibility with proprietary noise cancellation, dual-battery beltpacks that support fast, intuitive grouping through local or remote methods, and much more, the Solidcom M1 is blazing technological trails to keep things simple and sonically clearer than ever for you.

Since it is available in 4-person and 8-person configurations, the Solidcom M1 is ready to accommodate a variety of venues and staffing situations. The systems are complete, each one including a base station, (four or eight) beltpacks and LEMO single-ear headsets, high-gain omnidirectional antennas, a charging station, and all necessary batteries, cables, and accessories. When you unbox the M1, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that everything you need is there. The beltpacks are even factory-paired to get you going as soon as possible.

Knowing that clear communication is a priority, Hollyland chose to utilize the 1.9 GHz spectrum to keep it away from interference from Wi-Fi and other 2.4 GHz sources such as wireless mic systems. Being full duplex, the Solidcom M1 lets you talk and listen at the same time, a crucial feature that keeps the lines of contact open.

The base station features a built-in panel antenna for long-range, one-way communication, and there are two external FRP antennas that allow 360-degree transmission for larger spaces. Outfitted with four interfaces—XLR (2-wire), RJ45 (4-wire), POE/LAN, and cascading interfaces—the M1 offers the expandability of multi-device cascading and easy configuration of group calls. Power options for the base station include PoE and dual NP-F batteries (available separately).

The beltpack is another star of the show. Ruggedly built, it boasts a double-injection-molded housing and matte finish to ensure that it is lightweight, scratchproof, and comfortable to hold. The detachable antennas further enhance its life expectancy. Whether attached via its belt clip or hung from a lanyard, the beltpack is intuitive, with ergonomic operation. The top-panel Talk/Mute button starts and ends group calls, the A/B/C function buttons on the front are shaped differently to prevent unintended clicks, and a crisp HD LCD screen displays all relevant information. Considering that it runs on removable and independently chargeable Li-ion batteries, which provide up to 6 hours of operating time per battery, you needn’t worry about low-battery problems.

Finally, the headsets. These professional single-ear headsets securely connect to the beltpacks via LEMO, although the beltpacks do support connection of 3.5mm headsets. Each LEMO headset has a boom mic that can be turned off/on just by moving it down or up. Another nice touch is the sidetone function, which lets the wearer hear their own voice and adjust speaking volume in real time.

Not only does the Solidcom M1 provide a professional set of features rich in technology, but it also serves up a user-friendly experience and comforting dependability. Equipped with the M1, you won’t have any horror stories of gigs gone wrong due to poor coms.

However, if you do have such tales of woe, share them in the Comments section, below, and we’ll commiserate with you.