Triton Audio Preamps / DIs: Sleek, Expanded Headroom


Looking for a sleek preamp that adds some much-needed headroom to your signal? How about a DI with a truly individual form factor? In that case, give these gadgets a gander, because they all provide low-noise class A JFet amplification. First up is the BigAmp, a DI for acoustic guitars and synthesizers issued in two models—with one sporting an impedance of 7.5 MOhms to accommodate piezo pickups. In addition to their comparatively compact construction, these preamps provide 1/4" to XLR outputs, a frequency response of 20 Hz to 100 kHz, 24 and 48V phantom power, and the ability to work with both balanced and unbalanced signals.

The FetHead, on the other hand, is designed to provide further clarity and precision to lavalier microphones, offering 18 dB of amplification, selectable phantom-power voltages, and a robust metal chassis to boot. All three models offer a singular, tubular design that finds itself at home in stage and studio environments alike.