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Petrol Cambio Carrier System with Fluid Head


One of the greatest inconveniences any professional videographer ever has to deal with is getting all their gear to the location in fine working order. There’s a lot to carry, and it all must be properly protected during transit, especially if air travel is involved.

Petrol Bags’ Cambio convertible equipment bag/camera support system is a carry-on size rolling camera carrier that transforms into a support system for camcorders weighing up to 9.9 pounds.  

When traveling, the easiest way to get all of your gear to the shoot without breaking your back is to simply hire an assistant, buy a plane ticket for them and have them carry all the heavy stuff. But in today’s world, who can afford a porter? 

You probably travel with at least one camcorder, extra batteries, microphones, chargers, cables, adapters, support systems, tripods, multitools and more. And once you have more gear than will fit in a carry-on bag, you’re in for a wait at the baggage claim area. You also might have to pay extra for the privilege of having less-than careful baggage handlers toss your delicate gear into the belly of the plane. 

Like a multitool, any piece of gear that can serve more than one purpose makes for less packing and lighter traveling. And that’s exactly the case with the Cambio convertible equipment bag/camera support system. The carry-on size bag helps you travel lighter, avoid the baggage merry-go-round and set up quickly once you’re on site. 

At first glance the Cambio convertible looks like any other rolling suitcase, except for its unusual handle. The telescoping handle is part of a camcorder support system that’s built into the bag. To convert the bag into a support system, you first have to pull the self-latching, double-bar rear leg away from the bag. The leg forms a sturdy kickstand that allows the bag to stand on its own. Next, you pull the wheels away from the bag and lock them into place, giving the assembly a wider stance and greater stability. If necessary, wheel chocks attached to each wheel can be rotated to the down position and locked into place to prevent rolling. 

The top of the telescoping handle also doubles as a camera platform with a 75mm ball head mount, and a lightweight micro-fluid head attaches quickly and allows pan and tilt movement. The steel support column extends up to 56 inches and cast magnesium lever clamps lock it in place. The sturdy column can support cameras weighing up to 9.9 pounds. 

As for the bag itself, its exterior is constructed of 900-denier fabric and ballistic nylon. The inside of the main compartment measures 19.7 inches long by 11.8 inches wide by 7.5 inches high so there’s plenty of room for all of your gear. A wide U-shaped opening provides quick and easy access to it and removable rigid dividers allow for a custom interior configuration. 

The Cambio convertible bag also features an exterior zippered front pocket with a personal organizer, zippered side pockets for additional storage and a mesh side pocket for holding a water bottle. Hook and loop fasteners hold the front flap in the open position to make packing and unpacking easier and polypropylene feet on the bottom of the bag protect the bag itself from damage and keep it raised to prevent it from getting wet when rolling through puddles. A removable logo frame lets you attach your own logo for personal branding. 

The Cambio convertible bag is unique: It serves double duty as a carry case and a support system, so you have less gear to carry on your assignments. It will also help you set up and pack up more quickly, so you’ll have more time to focus on capturing great video. The bag costs $774.95, and there’s no need to waste time shopping for a better deal. That’s because B&H is the exclusive dealer for this great piece of gear.

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Great innovative concept! Lots of info on this site and elsewhere on external features and mechanics but not enough info on interior capacity and dimensions. I want to know what kind of gear and how much of it I can carry with this bag before I buy. Short of flying up to NYC to check out the interior in your showroom  a video tour of the Cambio inside would be most helpful. Thank you.  

Hi, and thanks for your question. You're right, it is a neat concept. We link to the product info in the article, and there you can see all the specs we have regarding this particular bag. There are also photos showing how some gear fits inside. You should be concerned with the interior dimensions for the most part. The best advice I can give regarding how well your gear would fit would be to find a bag or box with similar interior dimensions and see if all your gear fits. Of course you can always order the bag and see how well you like it. B&H has a 30-day return policy. Just keep everything clean and hang onto all of the packaging in case you're not 100% satisfied with the purchase.