Canon's Latest EOS Option: the C200/200B


We at B&H Photo Video are pleased to introduce the latest members of the Canon Cinema EOS system, the C200 and the C200B. Designed to provide high-quality digital imaging at affordable prices, the C200/200B cameras can record 4K RAW internally to a CFast 2.0 card using Canon’s storage-friendly Cinema RAW Light format. Like its predecessor, the C100 Mk II, the C200/C200B features Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus, compatibility with Canon EF-mount lenses, and the ability to record at a variety of frame rates and resolutions. For those shooters who prefer a more stripped-down unit, the EOS C200B model consists of the camera body only, without an EVF, but with the LV-V1 4" touchscreen LCD monitor, tool-less top handle and rosette-based handgrip, available for purchase separately. With an EF lens mount, this latest EOS camera is compatible with the full range of Canon EF-mount lenses, enabling the use of any Canon lenses already in your kit. For a more complete package, the C200 is also available in a kit including the Canon f/4 25-105 II zoom lens.

Upgraded features of the EOS C200 and C200B include:

  • Internal 4K RAW recording to C-Fast one card
  • Cinema RAW Light, MP4, and MP4 proxy recording
  • One C-Fast card slot, plus two SD card slots
  • DIGIC DV 6 signal processing
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF plus expanded focus functions
  • 4" Touchscreen LCD monitor
  • 10- and 12-bit color depths and a 1Gbps rate

4K RAW/4KUHD/HD Recording

The EOS C200/200B uses Canon’s new Cinema RAW Light format to record 4K RAW to a CFast card, eliminating the need for an external recorder when shooting 4K RAW. The storage-friendly Cinema RAW Light format captures 4K without compromising image detail. RAW Recording options include 10-bit 59.94p, 12-bit 29.97p, and 24p at up to 1Gbps rates. The single CFast card slot is conveniently placed on the left (operator’s) side of the camera.

The back of the camera has dual SD-card slots for recording 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) and Full HD to SD cards. Like the C100 Mk II, the C200/200B records a variety of frame rates and codecs in MP4. This latest EOS also can capture a lower bit-rate MP4 proxy recording, a space-saving bonus for recording dailies, etc.

Image Processing

Using its 9.8MP Super35 CMOS sensor and Canon’s Dual DIGIC DV 6 image processor, the EOS C200/200B produces an effective pixel rate of 8.85 MP FOR 4K/2K recording and an 8.29 MP rate when capturing UHD or full HD.

Dual Pixel CMOS AF

Canon’s Dual-Pixel CMOS autofocus function (DAF) continues to expand its use among skeptical pro shooters and is provided with this latest EOS version. The C200/200B’S additional focus functions include Manual Focus, AF-boosted MF, Continuous AF, and Face Detection AF.

Viewing Options

The 4" touchscreen LV-V1 is fully detachable and adjustable, featuring the option of “tap” focusing while shooting. This LCD monitor, unlike the pivoting mount of the C100 MKII, is placed on top of the camera using the adjustable LA-V1 LCD bracket. The optional Canon EVF-V70 OLED viewfinder can be attached to the C200/200B with the EVF-V70 Clamp Base.

Additional Features

Additional camera features include two additional Internal ND settings (total of five), and an increased range of Iris and White Balance settings. The CG-A20 Battery Charger provides a compact option for charging one camera battery.


A crippled camera codec and bite rate. Bare in mind this is suppose to be a cinema camera. 4.2.0 isn't a codec for 2017. This is same codec as the C100 that came out how many years ago. $7,500 this camera should have at the start a codec 4.4.2 150 Mbps. and 4.4.4 pro res on the high end. Forget that raw stuff put that on the next C400. No one is going to buy anymore C100's or C100 markii. the codec are old. Why do think people are buying Mini Ursa, Sony, and Red Ravens and Kinefinity. Some of those cameras are out of stock and have waiting lists, they can't make them fast enough. And once people get into those systems its going while before they leve their committed. You gave away the DSLR market share to sony,panasonic and now fuji, Sigma is now eating up lense market and now your giving up your cinema line. SMH!! wake up!! its not to late people are waitng but they're not going to wait to long.

So how is this better than the Sony FS5?   Im a huge canon fan but money, value and options are starting to out weigh canon's last several cameras.  These camera's have just slightly less options than a comparatively priced Sony fs5 making sony the wiser choice.   Man I'm disappointed in canon again.  Also someone please correct me if im wrong.  i can take criticism . lol


I just bought C100 ii.  after seeing that this came out, I am not very impressed at all.  Why wouldn't canon give at least 120 FPS?  No higher frame rate than 60 FPS is a major bummer and the reason this camera won't sell as well as it could have.

$1500 for a handle, monitor and eyepiece?  Doesn't that seem a bit steep? 

Have C100 Mark II, and considerred the C300 Mark II - but something told me to wait just a little bit longer.  Ordering this ASAP - it has exactly what I've been looking for - and at the right price point.  I am single person doc filmmaker and the auto-focus and touch screen really make all the difference.  Wish it had 4K 12-bit on the SDI, but really the internal RAW should do the trick.  CFAST is expensive, but external recorder is EVEN MORE...

Love that they moved the XLR inputs and staggered them, also putting the levels on the back - someone is listening!

The only camera(s) at the same price-point with very similar feature set is the Sony FS5 and Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro (considerred both of them for next camera).  Didn't like needing the large battery pack (typical for cine work) for Ursa and ISO topped at 1600.  Sony FS5 just didn't feel like a true cine quality camera.

New lower cost Canon cine zoom glass really boost the capabilities on a budget.

for this price, with no Global Shutter ? no 6G/12G Sdi ? no Prores ? hmm.. not impressed... only thing that beats BlackMagic is low light, everything else , I'd get a BMUM pro

In my opinion, this camera is $4,000 over priced and boasts features that at this point in the market should be standard for any full frame video camera.  Not impressed.  

Yeah?  Which features boasted here are on cameras that cost 4k less?  4K RAW at 1Gbps internal recording?  Internal NDs?  Progressive scan?  XLR inputs? 13 stops of dynamic range?  

You have to understand one thing, This is an eternal 4K RAW recording Camera. 

Canon usually gives you that Cinematic look.


Most cameras like Sony or Advanced DSLRs usually requires a second device (Recorder)  to get 4K or Raw.


Faustino Mota


Very few cameras are eternal these days . .  rather the opposite - we're getting used to waking up the day after buying a new cam; just to find out we should've been sitting calmly on the fence still another week. OK, I know you meant internal, couldn't resist the temptation to pull your leg . . .