CES 2018: New Crane Plus 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer, Object Tracking and More


Zhiyun-Tech’s Crane gimbals have been among the fastest-selling and most-reviewed stabilizers at B&H. Today, Zhiyun-Tech announced the new Crane Plus, at CES 2018. The Crane Plus is a follow-up to the Crane v2 (not to be confused with the Crane-2), but it has such distinct new features that calling it a follow-up is an understatement.

A major new feature is an entirely new operational mode—POV mode—added to the existing set of modes. POV mode is designed to work with the roll axis. Normally, when you roll left or right, the camera stays level. But in POV mode, it will move in sync with the roll up to 45 degrees. This ability allows you to achieve Dutch angles while keeping the camera stable. It’s great for music videos and fast sporting events such as BMX shows. Another major feature is Intelligent Object Tracking. With this function, handhold the Crane Plus, or mount it on a tripod, and have it automatically track a moving subject. It provides an excellent way to capture your own image for vlogs and other applications. To set it up, just pull up the Crane app on your phone and draw a box around the subject/object you want to track.

The new features truly are great additions. Another one is MotionMemory, which enables you to set up advanced camera movements, including time-lapse intervals and duration, and save them for future recall. At the press of a button, you can repeat the same shots smoothly, over and over. Finally, we come to the new NightLapse feature, which is designed to let you capture beautiful time-lapse photography at night. NightLapse keeps the shutter open longer to enable you to better capture the details of the night, such as star trails and night-time traffic.

Topping everything off, the Crane Plus supports a 5.5 lb payload, an increase of 1.5 lb over the Crane v2. With the addition of the new features and the popularity of the Crane line, the Crane Plus is one of the star products at this year’s CES. You can find out more about the Crane Plus, as well as pre-order it, at B&H Photo.