Go Big with the New Sachtler flowtech 100 MS Tripod Legs and Kits


Following up on the resounding success of the flowtech 75 legs, Sachtler is releasing flowtech 100 MS legs, available by themselves if you have your own 100mm head, or in kits with a variety of fluid head options. The flowtech 100 MS follows the same general design as the flowtech 75 MS, including the rather differently shaped cross section. Instead of using a round tube design of the carbon fiber legs, single lever locks at the top of each leg, independent leg spread, three integrated leg stop positions, and a mid-level spreader, the new legs feature a 100mm bowl instead of the 75mm bowl of the original legs.

Sachtler Flowtech 100 MS legs

It is the different cross section that helps provide the torsional stability for which the flowtech system is recognized. The legs don't twist or shift, and they stay stable whether you are doing a whip- or slow-panning move. The 100mm bowl enables the legs to support a larger fluid head and heavier payload—up to 66 pounds. The wider diameter of the head fitting also allows for a better-balanced camera on the head, which leads to easier operation for your shot.

As with the original flowtech legs, you can use the 100 MS with or without a spreader. Using the integrated locking stops and not the spreader allows you to get the legs as low as 10.2" for stable low-angle shots, while the removable mid-level spreader permits the legs to get as low as 20.5" with a maximum height of 61". Of course, the mid-level spreader is especially useful when shooting on uneven terrain, and even on stairs, because it won't buckle and cause instability the way a ground spreader can. In addition to the mid-level spreader, the legs also come with removable rubber feet, an attachment mount, a carry handle, and a tie-down specifically made for use with the legs. Three 3/8"-16 threaded mounts enable you to attach suitable accessories at the top of the tripod.

Carry Handle

The legs are also available in a variety of kits with different fluid heads defining each. The FSB 10 Fluid head supports cameras up to 26.5 pounds and is available with either a side load plate or a Touch&Go camera plate. For cameras weighing up to 31 pounds, the Kit with the DV 12 has got you covered, and when your camera and accessories reach 37 pounds, consider the kit with the Video 15, which features a Touch&Go plate, 12-step counterbalance, and 7 steps of pan and tilt drag, plus a zero setting. The Video 18 and Cine 7 + 7 kits both support cameras weighing up to 48 pounds, with the significant difference being that the Video 18 has a Touch&Go plate, while the Cine 7 + 7 features a side-load mechanism. All the kits include a padded carry case to protect your gear during transport and storage.

Cine 7 + 7

The new flowtech 100 MS legs, accessories, and kits provide you with more options to enjoy the flowtech experience.

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