Master Heavy-Duty Motion Control with edelkrone Pan PRO


Once again, edelkrone has expanded its signature array of smooth motion-control devices—this time accommodating larger camera rigs with the introduction of the Pan PRO motorized pan unit. This latest component from the edelkrone motion-control lineup supports camera rigs weighing up to an impressive 30 lb. Whether used on a slide like the SliderONE PRO v2, on a JibONE Jib Arm, or as part of a simple tripod setup, the Pan PRO makes an excellent addition to your video or time-lapse capture.

Create and control motion time-lapse sequences and pans with the Pan PRO using the edelkrone App and/or the edelkrone Controller. Movements are backlash-free and can be repeated precisely again and again. The Pan PRO features an easy-to-read, high-contrast, sharp OLED display so you can get feedback at a glance and quickly make adjustments. Like other edelkrone controllers, this pan unit operates quietly so as not to interfere with your sound recording.

edelkrone Controller
edelkrone Controller

Compared to the HeadONE, which has a capacity of 15 lb, the Pan PRO’s 30 lb maximum payload may seem like too much of a good thing. It isn’t, when you consider the total weight of a pro camera rig or fully tricked-out DSLR setup with a longer lens. Cine-style video cameras like the ARRI ALEXA Mini and Mini LF, the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K and 4.6K G2, the Canon C500 Mk II, the Panasonic AU-EVA1 or VariCam LT, the RED RANGER with Gemini 5K S35 Sensor, and the Sony PXW-FX9 may have a nominal weight ranging from 4 to 7.5 lb, but that is the weight of the camera body alone. A pro camera rig will include at least a lens and a Gold or V-Mount battery and will likely include an EVF (electronic viewfinder), a baseplate system with a pair of rods, a matte box with at least one filter, an onboard monitor on an articulated arm, a wireless video transmitter, focus and iris lens-control motors, and assorted cables. My calculations bring the lightest of the camera rigs mentioned above to a total of 19 lb and the heaviest to 22.6 lb—and that’s using a 15mm LWS baseplate system and a lightweight matte box, so you can see how these rigs could weigh more with different components.

In keeping with edelkrone’s mobile philosophy, the aluminum Pan PRO unit itself weighs slightly less than 2 lb, so it doesn’t add much to your rig’s total weight itself. As befits a pro camera component, the Pan PRO incorporates a safety lock and beefy 3/8"-16 mounting threads on its top and bottom surfaces. Power options include a Canon LP-E6-type battery or the separately available AC adapter, Gold-mount power module, or V-mount power module. The Pan PRO’s auto-off and power-saving modes help to conserve energy when using battery power.

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