Camera Sliders

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Long-time filmmakers can attest to the fact that while gear isn't everything, the right tools can make breathing life into a shot exponentially easier and more enjoyable. Today, we’re taking a perfunctory glance at camera sliders, stabilizers, and gimbals and how each plays a unique role in realizing your cinematic visions. Camera Sliders Camera sliders are just what they sound like: tools designed to slide your camera along a horizontal plane, producing smooth, stable, and controlled tracking shots. There is a variety of sliders available
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Photographer and videographer Paolo Cascio demonstrates how to set up and use the Manfrotto MOVE, a quick-release system designed to make switching between tripods, motion control gear, and stabilizers quick and easy. Cascio also shows us how to use the Manfrotto Syrp Magic Carpet PRO Slider, 612 Nitrotech Video Head and FAST Leg Tripod. 0:00 - Introduction 1:30 - The Manfrotto
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Once again, edelkrone has expanded its signature array of smooth motion-control devices—this time accommodating larger camera rigs with the introduction of the Pan PRO motorized pan unit. This latest component from the edelkrone motion-control lineup supports camera rigs weighing up to an impressive 30 lb. Whether used on a slide like the SliderONE PRO
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The new SliderPLUS v5 line from edelkrone presents the latest versions of its movable rail sliders that cleverly extend with your camera’s travel. This hallmark design offers twice the range of standard sliders in a compact form, saving weight and space in your gear bag, making the SliderPLUS v5 a perfect choice for your own travels. edelkrone has also introduced a new motorized slider control and a bevy of dedicated soft cases for carrying your edelkrone gear.
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Modular, rigid, and lightweight yet strong, the 24" and 42" Slider Carbon camera sliders, from Rhino Camera Gear, feature easy tripod mounting and support up to 15 and 10 lb respectively. Use these carbon fiber sliders to craft smooth, eye-catching horizontal or vertical moves with your cine, video, or DSLR camera rig.
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Take your videos to the next level with this introduction to camera movement for cinematic video. Jake shows you some basic filming techniques, as well as equipment!
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Achieve a variety of complex, angled shots, or time-lapse videos by using Syrp's latest Tilt Platform for the Genie II Linear control platform and Magic Carpet sliders. When the Tilt Platform is paired with the Genie II Linear or propels along the tracks of
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In Learning to Drive, Director Roderick E. Stevens wanted the camera to drop straight down over the actor, the way it might on a telescopic crane. Without the budget to rent one, that seemed impossible. It’s a simple shot that only lasts a few seconds, but it occurs at a crucial turning point in the film, and the director is far too stubborn to give up. About $150 in electrical conduit and hardware and some funky engineering resulted in a vertical slider that accomplished the shot. Roderick Stevens's Bio
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It's always a dilemma when your production takes you off the grid to places your cameraperson can't reach, so CINEGEARS has released two new RC gimbal cars to help you get that elusive, remote shot. The 4 x 4 All-Wheel Drive X and the VR Cube gimbal cars can help your camera navigate difficult or dangerous terrain safely and
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Long known for solid, stable sliders, Rhino wants to make smooth camera movement much easier for everyday use and travel, with the RŌV series. Taking all the brilliance of its EVO sliders and Motion controllers and condensing it down into a single unit—with the added benefit of Bluetooth connectivity—Rhino created something truly amazing. Going hands-on with the RŌV made it clear to me that it is one of the most intuitive, portable, and
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Kick up your slider shots a notch with the new Syrp Genie II Linear and Genie II Pan/Tilt Head—now in stock at B&H Photo. These latest versions of Syrp's motorized, programmable Genie components provide fine-tuned control for creating complex, multi-axis moves and time-lapse effects with almost any slider system. Supporting up to
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We here at B&H Photo are happy to announce the SYRP Genie II Motion Control System. Smaller and more versatile than the original system, the Genie II consists of two modules that mount on your slider, providing smooth and repeatable motorized pan/tilt and tracking movements. Available as two separate modules; the Linear and the
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Just in time for NAB, we here at B&H Photo are happy to announce the Syrp Magic Carpet Pro, slider kits, and components, supporting up to 70 pounds of camera and accessories over a single length of track, and up to 50 pounds when using track extensions. The Magic Carpet Pro is a smooth-riding slider, ready to handle cameras ranging from mirrorless and DSLR, all the way up to full size Digital Cinema Cameras. It is available in three pre-made kits, the
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With no exaggeration, the motion controller in Rhino's slider systems has the simplest and cleanest interface that I can remember ever using. The entire workflow follows suit, as well. When you turn on the controller, a blue-and-white OLED screen asks you to select a slider, and below that you see a short list of sliders, neatly organized in a vertical display. Turn the dial button to jump to the slider you're using (24", 42", etc
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Jealous of the epic time-lapse photography that has been populating the Interweb for the last several years? Me too! I am especially jealous of those time-lapse videos that feature camera motion where the scene pans and tilts as dramatic clouds pass over a scenic landscape. Luckily, I have the brand-new Cinetics Lynx 3-Axis Motorized Slider at my disposal, to try my hand at motion time-lapse photography.