NAB 2015: ARRI LED Lights


With the SkyPanel, ARRI once again pushes the LED envelope set by the L and the Caster Series, with two new 110-degree soft light panels poised to set a new industry standard for extreme color accuracy, whether measured by CRI, CQS, or TCLI standards.     

The 25.4 x 11.8" S60 and half-as-wide S30 each comes in a color-tunable version with onboard and remote color and output control and, in a new direction for ARRI, in a Remote Phosphor (RP) version aimed at meeting the strictest possible color accuracy requirements. The S30 will output the tungsten equivalent of a 1k soft light, while the S60 has twice that output.    

Remote Phosphor Versions

Instead of adding phosphors directly to blue LEDs to make them white for subsequent onboard or remote adjustments, the Remote Phosphor SkyPanels allow the powerful native blue LEDs to excite a phosphor panel mounted like a filter in front of the fixture. The method not only uses less electronics, resulting in a lower price, but delivers color rendition that approaches  current definitions of "perfection" and  allows for 10% more brightness than the S30-C or S60-C versions with each of the interchangeable 2700K, 3200K, 4300K, 5600K, and 6500K phosphor panels. The resulting impressive CRIs are 93, 94, 97, 98, and 98, respectively. The lights will initially ship with either 3200K or 5600K phosphor panels.


S30-C and S60-C Color Tunable Versions

The color-tunable versions offer highly convenient color-control features that will be familiar to those acquainted with ARRI L-Series C-Fresnels.

Both C-Series SkyPanels are fully adjustable white light sources, allowing you to match existing fixtures from a warm 2800K to an ice-blue 10000K. The onboard or optional remote DMX controller allows full minus green to plus green adjustment as well as RGB+W color gamut mixing with hue and saturation control, enabling subtle adjustment of specific hues and skin tones. 

Both the C and RP versions run on 90-250VAC mains power via the included power supply, or on optional pro batteries. They both employ an onboard controller, 0-100% dimming via 5-Pin DMX, EtherCon LAN network control, and are firmware-updateable via a USB thumb drive. Like all ARRI LEDs, the SkyPanels draw very little power and run "cool" to the touch. 

The SkyPanel SC60-C and S60-RP are available for pre-order with delivery expected in October of this year. Both models will be available in manual or pole-operated versions, black or blue/silver finish, and with Edison plugs or bare ends. The S60-RP will ship with either a 3200K or 5600K phosphor panel. Interchangeable 2700K, 4300K, 6500K, and Chroma Green panels will also be available as options.

At this time, there is no delivery date for the S30-C.

Please check back for pricing and availability.