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The Professional's Source

Professionals in the world of imaging and audio rely on the professionals in the world of B&H for their equipment needs. We have experts ready to provide courteous service with a phone call, a click of the mouse, a tap on a tablet, or a personal visit. Our SuperStore pays tribute to the wealth of creative possibilities in the media industries by making available the wonders of technology in our complete lines of photo, video, audio, lighting, pro accessories, computers, data storage, optics, entertainment, projection, and surveillance devices. To this collection we add a wonderful, personal experience for professionals, enthusiasts, and all savvy shoppers of quality electronics.


We opened our original storefront in 1973, and our reputation for extensive inventory and intelligent conversation began with our first customer. We grew from a small photography shop in Manhattans Financial District to a major supplier of photo, video, and audio equipment on 17th Street, with customers returning again and again for our low prices and unequaled reliability. The New Millenniums explosion of affordable technology brought new lines of computers, personal electronics, and home entertainment, as we opened our SuperStore on 34th Street and our cyber-doors at BandH.com. We continue to expand to meet your needs with showrooms, classes, educational and social media content, and as always, our unparalleled inventory and service.

Our Roots

The husband-and-wife partners ('B. and H.'), opened their original namesake shop with one employee, in lower Manhattan, in 1973. They sold film, cameras, and processing materials. What started out as a small storefront and black and white ads in photography magazines, grew into our larger store at 17th Street which attracted a loyal customer base of photo, video, and audio professionals.

In the early days of mail-order, when few could be trusted, B&H developed a reputation for honesty and genuine products, and the business grew by word of mouth. B&H's business continued to grow into the diverse and engaging company we are today, serving customers worldwide on our popular and highly rated website and at our 34th Street "Superstore".

Our Guiding Principles

We are committed to providing you with extraordinary service before, during, and after your purchase from us. You are invited to call us, chat with us, or visit us at our SuperStore, where we are happy to serve and assist you every step of the way.

Our sales professionals have many years of prior experience in their respective fields. B&H maintains a formal training department to help keep them up to date with the latest technologies and products, so that we can answer every question to your satisfaction. Our staff is at your disposal, always happy to offer advice based on experience and knowledge.

Our customers count on us to maintain ample stock of our industries' full product lines, from highly popular brands and products to obscure, hard-to-find accessories and solutions, to satisfy their diverse professions and requirements.

And finally, on our website, our mobile apps, our call centers, and at our store, we are committed to always providing you the fair and competitive pricing you have come to expect from B&H.

B&H Employee in Action. B&H Photo. All rights reserved.

Our Pledge to You

Online, through our call centers, or at our SuperStore in New York City, our goal is to support you and provide you with the best solutions for your specific professional or personal needs. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned professional customer, we are here to serve you. B&H Photo strives continually to give you unbiased, honest, and accurate information to help you make the right decision when purchasing from us.

We look forward to continue to earn your confidence and your trust.

Scott Kelby's Tribute to B&H. B&H Photo. All rights reserved.

Scott Kelby Thanks B&H

Scott Kelby, world-renowned photographer and photography educator, recalls his first encounter with our sales professionals, and congratulates B&H on its 40th Anniversary.

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Shopping Channels

The choices we offer let you shop with us easily.

NYC SuperStore

Our SuperStore offers an epic see-and-touch shopping experience. We put our cameras, audio and video gear, lights, computers, and other gadgets on display - not only to see, but to use and test. More than 10,000 products are available for in-hand examination and play by our customers. From lenses to laptops, from strobe lights to sound systems, explore our stores incredible inventory under the caring guidance of our expert staff. Our conveyor system delivers the boxes from the basement and allows you to wander the store unencumbered, as your purchases are sent to the front payment area for pickup. Take a tour inside our store using Google Maps Store View.

Online Shopping & Chat

Our highly rated website and apps offer shopping at your leisure. Our expert technical writers prepare the comprehensive product information you will find on our site, and should you have additional questions, our Live Chat experts are immediately available as personal guides for your cyber-shopping trip. Shopping and product inquiries can be made by email, as well. We do our best to combine the personality of a corner store with the convenience of a Web retailer. Our site moves fast, our staff moves even faster when responding to you, and our same-day shipping options get your order out the door in a New York minute!


Enjoy our personal touch, while shopping from your phone. B&H professionals will walk you through our selection and find the right solution for you. Don't just call and place an order - take full advantage of their expertise with a discussion of your equipment needs. Their conversation will leave you wiser, and their recommendations may happily surprise you.

Mail and Fax

While we embrace new technology, we haven't forgotten the old. We continue to accept orders by mail or fax, and we expedite those orders as quickly and securely as through any other channel.

Beyond Retail

We offer a wide range of useful services.

Used Equipment

Our reputation for reliability is your guarantee when we appraise and sell used equipment. As one of the largest retailers of used gear in the industry, we sell a wide range of refurbished, returned, discontinued, and traded-in items. We do not only sell, we buy from you as well. Convert your used merchandise to cash or store credit for your next purchase with us. Our quick and easy quote and appraisal process, and the wide range of bargains we inspect and rate, make our used department a favorite of students and professionals alike.

Corporate Accounts

We make it easy to establish an account at B&H. We require minimal paperwork and our team of personal account managers will serve your business needs in every way possible. We will help you establish a line of credit, with purchasing, customer service, and any other needs you have. Most importantly, our account managers have the expertise of our staff of industry professionals at their fingertips.


We serve a wide range of federal, state, and local government entities through special pricing and contracts. Our Federal Marketplace website offers customers special pricing and shipping discounts for the federal government, and highlights product groups that are of particular interest to government agencies. A Government Purchase Card is required to check out.


Our programs for educational institutions, faculty, and students are a great support for schools and any media curriculum. Many universities, school districts, and K-12 schools receive special pricing from B&H. Our free EDU Advantage membership provides access to discounts from B&H and from our vendors, with a dedicated website for information and shopping.


We will reach you wherever you are on the globe. We are a world-wide provider of equipment, and we offer many tools for the international shopper. You can pay the full, final cost of your order through B&H, using our tariff calculator to calculate and pay your VAT, import duties, and taxes. Your order will be delivered without any additional charge. Our foreign language sites and catalogs for non-English speakers bring our selection to your doorstep.

Customer Education

We keep you informed about technology and its applications through continuing education. Our in-store Event Space offers classes and talks on a wide variety of industry topics, and recordings of these classes are available online, as well. The Explora blog on our website is a depot of guides, tech news, and reviews written by our pros. We offer video guides for new products and techniques, produced in-house and in partnership with Kelby Training.


If we sell it, we can install it anywhere in New York State. Our team of experienced installation engineers will build anything you need on location. Home entertainment rooms, photography studios, broadcast systems, video production lines - your imagination is the only limit.


Our SuperStore showrooms take you a step further than our hands-on displays. The Mic Room balances sound carefully to test an array of 60 microphones and 26 preamps, and the Sound Room lets you test systems and speakers. The B&H Studio connects production, post-production, and broadcast systems of high-end media, allowing for testing, live demos, and quality comparison of studio solutions.

Product Information

Our Web Content team has created a website that is considered unrivaled in the industry: a one-page stop for knowledge and discovery. We go beyond manufacturer's specifications for the utmost in accuracy, and each product's description includes potential applications, compatibility, and recommended accessories. The customer reviews are created by people like you, who have used the products. Trust us, trust fellow customers, compare like products and satisfy your need to know!

Social Media

Our online presence has grown along with the online photo and media community. We are active in many online forums, providing advice and solving customer issues. Follow us on our Facebook pages, where we bring the imaging community together for news, advice, and contests; on our Twitter stream for customer support and technology news; and on our Instagram feed, for images of your favorite gear from our staff and partners around the world. Join the B&H Flickr group to meet people who share your passion for photography.

Our Philosophy

From the very beginning, we earned a reputation for keeping our word, and the trust from our customers continues today, no matter our growth. The B&H commitment to our customers is based on four criteria:


We can satisfy your needs, with everything from highly popular products to obscure accessories and solutions. Our only concern is having the item you need when you need it, even if it's rarely needed or no longer carried by other retailers. Hundreds of thousands of inventory items are tracked precisely and, if a product is listed as being in stock, you can be sure we have it available for you.


We review our offerings regularly to make sure our prices are competitive, if not the lowest available. Our extensive selection and business relationships allow us to make deals that we convert to savings for you. Did you know that B&H offers a price-matching policy? If you have an issue with the price of any product, please discuss it with one of our sales professionals via Live Chat or by calling 1.800.606.6969. They will do their best to find a way to serve you.


We commit ourselves to providing extraordinary service before and after your purchase. We value your relationship with our associates and we expect them to provide you with a great experience. You're invited to call them, chat with them, or visit in person - they're waiting to serve you. Our staff will, graciously, give you all the time you need to discuss your products and will welcome you with the warmth of our B&H family.


Many of our employees are accomplished experts in their own right, having worked in their professions for years before joining us. We have recruited photography specialists to work at B&H, along with audio and video pros who continue their involvement in industry groups, through B&H and on their own. We place them at your disposal to offer advice based on years of working in their specific fields.


Highly trained. Professionals in their fields. Our staff is dedicated to offering you the right solution.


In addition to their own experience, B&H associates spend more than 25% of their working time in equipment trainings. Our technology courses teach the science behind the gear we carry, and talks on technique and artistic expression offer insight into how working pros best utilize their equipment. Product trainings bring manufacturer representatives to demonstrate the use of new items. Our experts extend their experience to train each other as well, sharing new technologies and ideas. Talk to our pros to find out the latest in equipment development and applications.

By Department

We aren't a "big box" store with vaguely interested workers. Our well-developed sales teams are organized by equipment category, allowing you to take full advantage of their expertise. Furthermore, we are vigorously concerned with the experiences and goals of our customers, and our departments echo this with associates who are well versed in professional, hobbyist, and consumer grades of photo, video, audio, and optical equipment. Also, our computer, mobile device, and home-entertainment experts understand the intricacies of professional applications, as well as the benefits for the everyday user.

In House

We believe in housing our phone and chat staff at our main location, as outsourcing doesn't enable a committed work environment, nor careful supervision and training. When you communicate with a sales or customer service representative, that person is sitting right here in our New York City offices, where we can ensure the highest quality of service.

No Commission

To keep our staff focused on your needs, we don't pay commission. We believe that it's good for us to focus on what's best for you. Don't be surprised if your salesperson tries to convince you to make a less expensive selection if that is what will suit your needs.


B&H employs an incredibly diverse group of people, and our many cultures and languages not only lend color to our business, but enable us to offer familiar references and - of course - languages, to our many visitors from around the world. In addition to the educational and economic benefits of shopping with us, patronizing B&H will prove to be a multicultural experience like no other store can provide.

Industry Leader

Don't take our word for it, believe our happy customers, industry pros and the press.

Press Quotes

Inc. magazine called us a "first-class consumer electronics retailer."
New York Daily News wrote that we're "famous for stocking the rarest of items."
The New York Times praised our "ubiquitous presence on camera-oriented forums."
New York magazine listed our used equipment trade-in as the place "where trash becomes scratch."
The Huffington Post called us "a true specialty superstore."

Pro Quotes

Photographer and educator Scott Kelby called us "The best camera store with the best people - in the world"

Photo-guide writer Ken Rockwell was impressed that we're "far more concerned with keeping customers happy."


We partner with Manhattan Edit Workshop, PDNonline, Maine Media Workshops, Kelby Training, New York Film Academy, International Center of Photography, A&I Studios, The Eddie Adams Workshop, Rocky Mountain School of Photography and more to provide you with great deals, photo opportunities, and continuing education.