Studio & Posing Equipment

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Learning About Posing and Studio Equipment

Posing equipment is useful in the studio and on set for a variety of different tasks. Whether you're a filmmaker, photographer, or artist, chances are, you'll find a use for posing tools in your work. This kind of studio equipment come in handy for positioning different objects, adjusting heights, and attaching fixtures.

Choosing Posing Equipment

A wide selection of posing products exist which will help you achieve specific looks. Professional photographers often use posing stools when capturing their subjects. These stools usually have adjustable heights and locking casters for customizable arrangements, as well as contemporary designs that blend into photographs easily. There are also posing tables that are similar in construction to posing stools, but with a larger surface area to support different posing options. Smaller accessories that can aid in photographing babies and children include posing props, photo props, and other accessories such as baby headband kits.

Uses for Photo Booths

For weddings, parties, dances, and other related events, photo booths help capture memories while having fun. There are quite a few different photo booth kiosks to consider. Some are inflatable and make it easy to transport and set up, while others are sturdy, and meant to remain up for a longer amount of time. These photo booths are usually large enough to fit the subjects inside, to take pictures standing or sitting down. In addition to these traditional walk-in style booths, there are also sleek, portable kiosks that use head units to take pictures.

Other Studio Equipment

There are many other equipment choices to help with posing. In the film industry, apple boxes are very popular, as they're generally inexpensive, yet extremely versatile. Although they may seem like simple wooden boxes, they're ideal to prop up equipment, as seating during filming, and as convenient storage, among other uses. Other versatile products include autopoles, which are telescopic poles with adjustable dimensions, used to display and hold different items.