Studying Photography in New York City

I remember sifting through college brochures when I was 16 and coming to a crossroads: following my impulses—going to art school in New York City—or heeding my mother’s wishes and going to a school with a nice campus, maybe in Rhode Island or something. Somehow, she conceded and I ended up in New York City in the fall of the following year, studying photography and trying to embrace simply spending time and making connections in this venerable “Mecca” of photography.

An Introduction to Tethered Shooting

At its most basic, tethered shooting involves connecting your camera to your computer as you shoot. You’ve likely seen it in some behind-the-scenes video for a professional studio shoot, or you just have a friend who swears it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Tethering is a shooting technique that can benefit many a photographer’s workflow significantly, though upon first hearing of it, the idea of tethering can be something that first requires a bit of education. Hopefully, this introduction will help get you started.

B&H Event Space: Real-World Optimization in Lightroom CC 2015, with Tim Grey

In this B&H Event Space video, Tim Grey shows you how to approach a variety of optimization tasks in Lightroom CC 2015. He’ll share real photos that have potential but need a little help to look their best as a way to teach you about adjustment techniques, color profiles, and correcting for inaccurate prints. After watching this video, you’ll have a better sense of what your photos need, and how to use Lightroom to realize your vision for your work.

How to Make a Photo Book with the Adobe Lightroom Book Module

In this article from B&H Photo, learn how to use the Lightroom book module to create a photobook, included are step by step tips and instructions. 

Video: Cleaning Up Your Mess in Lightroom 6

Keeping your digital photos organized is difficult, especially if your cataloging system changes as you grow as a photographer. Lightroom helps simplify things, but there are tricks to the trade that you should know in order to maximize your organization. In this video, Tim Grey helps you streamline your workflow and organizational system to help prevent frustration in the future, and allow you to find photos quickly and easily.

Introducing the 2015 Release of Adobe Creative Cloud

The latest release of Adobe Creative Cloud provides a creative platform that allows professionals to work seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices. A connected assets-based workflow, a vibrant and growing marketplace, and community features are also built into Creative Cloud.


Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 13: Social-Media-Friendly Upgrades


Adobe Creative Cloud for Design and Illustration

Adobe’s mission statement states that the company’s goals are to “move the Web forward” while also giving “Web designers and developers the best tools and services in the world.” This revealing declaration affirms that Adobe is invested equally in the continued improvement of their flagship tools as they are in releasing innovative products that help them maintain their status as a well-respected, tech-industry innovator that can affect design trends and even guide the direction of the Web’s evolution.


Photoshop Tip: An Alternative Sharpening Method

Making sharp images is often the goal when using digital cameras, but it’s also one of the least understood techniques when it comes to editing. After getting by with the clarity slider and then learning the proper Unsharp Mask technique, I was shown an entirely different method with which to give a slight “pop” to my images: using the High Pass Filter.

Adobe Creative Cloud and Videography

Since the introduction of Creative Cloud, the question has been: does Adobe's move mean a radically altered workflow for content creation professionals, particularly video editors? For the moment, the answer is probably not. For all intents and purposes, Creative Cloud applications remain ordinary desktop applications.



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