Adobe Acrobat 2017 Adds Tabbed Viewing and the Compare Files Tool

With the introduction of its Acrobat 2017 software for Windows and Mac, Adobe has designed a suite of document-editing tools that reflects the varying needs of today’s users.

NPAN BLOG: Testing Your Camera’s Tolerance for Long-Exposure Noise

Noise is the addition of unwanted grain or splotches of color in digital photographs. It can occur by using a high ISO, such as 6400, or using very long shutter speeds that last into the minutes. In some cases, noise is a necessary evil that we need to accept, while in others, we should do everything possible to avoid it. As night photographers, we need to understand the limits of our cameras and the effects of pushing them too far.

The Apple Touch Bar and Adobe Photoshop CC

With Apple’s latest release to its ever-popular line of MacBook Pro notebooks, the tech giant has brought a new physical update to the 13.3" and 15.4" models, with the Touch Bar.

Behind the Scenes of the Luxli Viola Commercial BTS Video

The Luxli Viola 5" Multi-Color On-Camera LED light is a compact but powerful creative tool. How does Luxli illustrate its versatility and usefulness? How about a video? Even better, how about a video about making the video?

Best Photo-Editing Software

Becoming increasingly more important, photo editing or post-production is now an integral part of photo hobbyists’ and pros’ workflows, and is often the second most critical step to producing a photograph after taking the shot itself. With such importance, it is crucial for photographers to find editing software that can fulfill and support all of their needs, ranging from basic editing control to adjust brightness and contrast, to more complex solutions for performing non-destructive edits with layers and masks, as well as manage an entire library of images.

Gear Recommendations from the B&H Sales Staff

Nothing beats a spirited chat with a B&H sales associate to awaken your inner gear hound and make you feel like a kid in a candy store. With a depth and breadth of knowledge extending to every facet of our product offerings, B&H sales pros are equally valued for their passion for practical solutions that help you get the most from your purchase.

We interviewed several staff members about their top gear picks while sourcing quotes for the inside front cover of our popular catalog. Included below are some of their favorite products.

Adobe Releases Photoshop and Premiere Elements 15

Studying Photography in New York City

I remember sifting through college brochures when I was 16 and coming to a crossroads: following my impulses—going to art school in New York City—or heeding my mother’s wishes and going to a school with a nice campus, maybe in Rhode Island or something. Somehow, she conceded and I ended up in New York City in the fall of the following year, studying photography and trying to embrace simply spending time and making connections in this venerable “Mecca” of photography.

An Introduction to Tethered Shooting

At its most basic, tethered shooting involves connecting your camera to your computer as you shoot. You’ve likely seen it in some behind-the-scenes video for a professional studio shoot, or you just have a friend who swears it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Tethering is a shooting technique that can benefit many a photographer’s workflow significantly, though upon first hearing of it, the idea of tethering can be something that first requires a bit of education. Hopefully, this introduction will help get you started.

B&H Event Space: Real-World Optimization in Lightroom CC 2015, with Tim Grey

In this B&H Event Space video, Tim Grey shows you how to approach a variety of optimization tasks in Lightroom CC 2015. He’ll share real photos that have potential but need a little help to look their best as a way to teach you about adjustment techniques, color profiles, and correcting for inaccurate prints. After watching this video, you’ll have a better sense of what your photos need, and how to use Lightroom to realize your vision for your work.


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