Anton Bauer

First Look: Sachtler Anton Bauer V-Mount Batteries

Steven Gladstone from B&H interviews Kieran Foster of Vitec Videocom about the company's new Sachtler-branded Anton Bauer batteries with V-mounts, which offer 1,000 charge/discharge cycles and are available in 90W, 150W, and 190W sizes. Anton Bauer also offers a new Performance Charger in dual and quad configurations.

Compact Support Solutions: Compact Stabilizers, Rigs and Mounts for Your DSLR, Camcorder or Action Camera

When you're shooting with DSLRs or camcorders and you want more mobility than that afforded by tripods, bean bags and the like, stabilizer and rig systems of the handheld, shoulder and cage variety really come in handy. 

Key Accessories for Cold-Weather Photography

Even though the leaves are down and your frost-laden lawn makes crunchy sounds when you cross it in the morning, that doesn’t mean it’s time to pack your cameras away until March or April; if you do, you’re going to miss some fine picture-taking opportunities.

Build Up Your Camera Rig with bebob

Do you have the ability to control the zoom on your camera when you’re doing a jib shot? Do you need an on-camera battery for your Panasonic AF100 that will give you longer runs between battery changes? If you’re looking to accessorize a video camera with pro-level upgrades, the German manufacturer bebob is a brand worth checking out.

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