New Lighting Products from Bescor

Exciting new releases from Bescor include the FP-312 Bi-Color On-Camera Light with Digital Display, as well as the Bescor Grip 181 and Grip 182 series of Gripper Gooseneck light kits. Notable about the FP-312 is its compact form factor, suitable for on-camera use, yet packing enough punch to mount on stands.

11 Lighting Options for Mobile Photography

Not long ago, mobile phones were judged by their sound quality. Nowadays, phones are judged by their image quality. “Can you hear me now?” has been replaced by “Your phone has how many lenses?” But while image quality continues to improve in quantum leaps, the lighting systems built into our mobile communication devices are “quaint,” at best.

Get Quality LED Lighting in the Studio or on Location with Bescor AL-576 Kits

Hands-On Review: Bescor FP-500KB 1,000W Bi-Color LED 2 Studio Light

Versatile Bescor LED-700 Series Video Lights

Professionals in the photo and video community put a lot of stock into finding portable, easy-to-set-up equipment, and that’s exactly what Bescor aims to provide. Their Field Pro Lighting brings user-friendly versatility to the forefront with several kits designed especially for videography professionals. The LED-700 series is a great solution for lighting both in the studio and on location.


Moose Peterson: My B&H Wish List

History books, WWII aviation
Like our English teachers taught us in the beginning, to write about a subject, you've got to know it. For my aviation work with WWII veterans and aircraft, the better I can understand the history, the better my photos will be.

Bescor Battery for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

B&H now carries Bescor’s new rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is designed to power the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. As you may know, the camera’s built-in battery cannot be removed or replaced by the user. This necessitates the use of an external power source, like Bescor’s BM-EPIC battery kit. This kit includes the BM-LiON battery and the BM-CGR charger.

Bescor Lighting Kit for Blackmagic Cinema Cameras

B&H now carries the Bescor BM-K1 kit, a pair of LED-70 on-camera lights and other accessories for use with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. The kit also includes Bescor’s BM-LiON battery and BM-SFB Square Frame mounting bracket. The rig is suitable for mounting on a tripod or for handheld work with the two integrated handgrips.


A few years ago, HDSLRs revitalized the wedding video industry. Today, the second generation of HDSLRs offers a variety of great new features for shooting HD video. The most serious decision you can make as a wedding videographer, which will have an effect on both your workflow and style of shooting, will be your choice of camera.


On-Camera Lights

In this B&H Video, Mia McCormick highlights a few on-camera video lights that can also be used off-camera for enhanced lighting control. She begins by walking us through some points to consider before purchasing a light as well as the importance of knowing your requirements for wattage output, power sources, intended location and needed durability to determine what light is best for you.


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