2017 Summer NAMM Roundup

It’s 2017 Summer NAMM, and the living is easy—real easy, with these new audio goodies. At the festival this year, we’re seeing new stompboxes, new plug-ins, new microphones, and more. We here at B&H are pleased to relate some of the goings-on’s good news.

2017 NAMM Show: New BOSS Products

BOSS, a widely known purveyor of audio goodness, is unveiling several new and exciting items at this year’s NAMM show—and we here at B&H are proud to add them to our inventory. First on the docket, a series of amplifiers quite suitable for acoustic singer/songwriters: the ACS Live and the ACS Pro.

Exploring MIDI as a Guitarist

When people hear the words “MIDI guitar,” usually the first thing they think of is some guy on YouTube ripping a jazz solo with his 6-string, made to sound like a cheesy saxophone or flute. The truth is that there’s a lot more you can do with guitar and MIDI, especially when you start incorporating MIDI sequencing, virtual instruments, and keyboard synthesizers into the equation. We’ll discuss some of the latest technologies in the paragraphs below.

Tweak your Timbre: BOSS CE-2W Waza Craft Special Edition Chorus Pedal

Many guitar players remember their first Boss chorus pedal; for many of us, it was the first chorus pedal we ever owned. Now, Boss has recreated two classic pedals from its chorus line—the CE-1 and CE-2—in one new, special edition.

Boss RC-202 Loop Station: Designed for Fingertip Operation

BOSS VO-1 Vocoder, the Pedal that Talks to You

Unveiled: New BOSS Pedals and Switcher, 2016

What would another year be without some new stompboxes? To keep pedal fiends on their toes, this year Boss is unveiling some new effects and a new programmable loop switcher. Let’s dive in!

Holiday 2012: Portable Multi-Track Recorders

Software isn’t always the most convenient way to make a recording. If you’re on the road or just trying to document a performance, all the necessary accessories to utilize a DAW can be overwhelming and delicate. A portable multi-track recorder, on the other hand, provides an all-in-one solution.

Holiday 2012: Guitar Pedals and Amplifiers

Aside from the pickups (and there are significant differences), electric guitars have little inherent sound. Yet the variety of tones that a guitarist can generate from a slab of wood and electronics is staggering.

Drum Machines: A Brief History


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