Top 10 Wish List Items of 2016

Dear Gift Givers: What are this year’s most wanted items for the holidays? We looked at your $1,000 giveaway wish list shares and compiled the following list.

Why I Switched from Canon to Nikon

Lance Keimig finds that a lot of people talk about what kind of folks use what kind of cameras within the Mac/PC and Canon/Nikon universe. “It’s kind of funny,” he says, “I see that a lot more Nikon users work with PC’s and Canon users are Apple devotees, but I’m a dedicated Apple user who’s switched from Canon to Nikon.

This is the third installment in a series featuring the many stories and myriad reasons prompting users to switch camera brands. Make sure to follow the links at the end to read about photographer switches from DSLR to Mirrorless.

Five Winter Destinations and the Cameras to Photograph Them

This is a bit of an odd assignment in that any place can be a destination in the winter, but the general idea is to explore a few locations that offer wonderful photographic possibilities in winter that they might not offer in summer. I’ll also blend in a bit of that warm escapism we all crave after a few months of snow and cold.

Photo Day at the Cat Café with the Sigma 85mm Art Lens

If social media has taught us anything, it is that common political ground may be hard to find in this country, but common visual ground is as close as the nearest kitten. The release of Sigma’s much-anticipated 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens presented the perfect opportunity to test its portrait-making capabilities while sharing a few tips on how to up your cat-photography game.

Hurry, Hurry. Get in the Picture.

Let’s say you are at an event like a birthday party, a family reunion, or a holiday get-together, and you want a group photo that includes everyone. No one should be left out just because they have to operate the camera and be the acting photographer. So, what are the options for including the photographer in the shot?


The first option has played out in so many comedic scenes in movies that it seems like a forgone conclusion that it will end in a botched photo.

Why I Switched From Nikon To Fujifilm

None of the top camera brands make bad cameras or lenses,” says Todd Vorenkamp, Senior Creative Content Writer for B&H’s Explora blog. “If you love Nikon, you can stay with it and be happy forever. That goes with any other camera brand. But, if you’re looking to shake things up, you may want to change systems,” he adds.

“The Fujifilm X-T1 made shooting fun for me again—it made it kind of new and different. And, because the system is small and light, I carry my camera around much more than when I was in the DSLR world.”

Best of 2016: Mirrorless Cameras

This was quite the year for mirrorless cameras, with nearly every company showing off its latest and greatest technology. The biennial photokina most certainly played a part in the excitement and let us recognize the extraordinary variety of 2016, including some brand new medium format options, advanced sensor technologies, and some beautiful retro designs.

Primes Lenses to Replace your Zooms

So, we already addressed the idea of replacing your primes with a nice zoom lens, but let’s talk about going the other way, for a moment. If you love your zoom lenses, here are some primes that might lure you to the other side, or just make a nice addition to your kit.

Zoom Lenses that Can Replace Your Primes

I love my primes, but some days I just want to go out with a camera slung over my shoulder and have nothing else to worry about. I’m going to ignore the obvious differences between zooms and primes for the sake of this piece, since that’s a whole separate topic. So, here is a list of some solid zooms that you should consider adding to your set.

Best of 2016: Canon Lenses

Canon already has quite the lineup of lenses, so the focus this year on upgrades and refreshes only ensures that its lenses stay top notch as digital technology rapidly progresses. Canon didn’t just focus on DSLR options this year—the company also released a couple of EF-M options for its ever-expanding mirrorless system. Here’s a closer look at what happened in 2016.


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