CES 2017: Focusrite Scarlett Micpre Expansion with OctoPre and OctoPre Dynamics

Well known for its professional-grade audio consoles, channel strips, preamps, and audio interfaces, Focusrite has announced the release of two new multichannel mic pre expansions, the Scarlett Octo-Pre and the Scarlett Octo-Pre Dynamic.

Gift Ideas for Parents of Millennial Musicians

When your son told you that he wanted to make “Progressive House,” you thought he was saying he wanted to become a homebuilder and a registered Democrat. Sound familiar?  Keep reading.

Music has changed a lot in the last decade, and so has the gear used to make it. When occasions come around, parents of millennial musicians are more susceptible to feeling the generation gap than ever. If you're the parent of beginner millennial musician, there's a good chance your kid falls into one of the categories below.

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Recording Studio

If you’re an aspiring musician, music engineer, or music producer, there’s a good chance that you suffer from some form of gear addiction. There’s really no way around it, nor is there a good way to explain this to your non-musically inclined friends and family. The temptation to make that next gear purchase looms over you like a giant Grammy-shaped cloud—kind of like the uncontrollable urge you have to eat that additional, unnecessary slice of pizza that’s just sitting there in the box, staring at you, waiting patiently to be devoured.

5 Recommended Audio Interfaces for Under $500

There is no shortage of audio interfaces currently available. It seems that there is a new device being released every other week. When I was asked to put together a list of five of the best interfaces for less than $500, it took some careful research and consideration. With so many options, it was difficult to choose. I compiled the following list, based on overall sound quality, performance, and value.

Native Instruments KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 USB 2.0 Digital Audio Interface

NAMM 2015: Focusrite Audio Interfaces Get Thunderbolt with the Clarett Line

The name of the game is Thunderbolt for Focusrite at this year’s NAMM, and the company has announced a brand-new range of audio interfaces, featuring Thunderbolt connectivity alongside the quality preamps and digital I/O we have come to expect from this manufacturer.

Audio for iOS

In the following video, Rob Rives, from B&H, presents several audio products for iOS devices that make great holiday gifts. Rives explores the Novation series of miniature controllers, mobile microphones, and iOS audio interfaces, including the RØDE XY and smartlav microphones, IK multimedia iRig Pro interface, and the full-featured Focusrite iTrack solo.


NAMM 2013 Wrap-Up: Blurring the Line between Project and Professional

The annual NAMM show just wrapped up in Anaheim, California, and as they have every year at this time, musicians and gear-heads alike experience an influx of new and exciting products. NAMM is the National Association of Music Merchants, and their shows are the place where gear and musical-instrument manufacturers, big and small alike, come to show off their new wares.

NAMM 2013 Wrap-Up: Professional Recording Products

NAMM has traditionally been viewed as the venue for introducing musical instruments including guitars, drums and keyboards, PA systems for gigging musicians, and venue lighting, along with every conceivable musical accessory.

Holiday 2012: Awesome Gifts for Students

Do you need ideas for some awesome holiday gift ideas for students? When you cornered them and asked what they wanted, did you draw a blank? Perhaps they offered to send you a list of gift ideas later, when something came to mind. In the likely event that the list never arrived, we’ve compiled that list of student-friendly suggestions for you.


Holiday 2012: Premium Tabletop Audio Interfaces

An audio interface is a piece of hardware that enables you to use a computer as the centerpiece of a recording studio. It gives you a way to connect professional microphones and instruments and record them into the computer, and it provides a way to connect studio monitors and headphones so you can listen to your work with optimal quality.


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