What You'll Need for a Good Gaming Rig

Wondering about what components you'll need to build your own gaming rig? Read about them here, on B&H Explora.

How to Assemble Your Own Gaming PC

If you are thinking about building your own gaming PC from components, read this B&H Explora article.

Livestreaming and Capture or How to Get Paid to Play

If you'd like to make money playing video games, using Twitch online, read this starter advice on B&H Explora.

CES 2017: Build or Upgrade with the Next-Gen Intel® Kaby Lake Desktop Processors

For those who are looking for powerful processors with which to build a new desktop or upgrade their current system, this year’s CES will introduce a wide variety of seventh-generation Celeron, Pentium, Core™ i3,

Build or Upgrade with the Next Gen Intel Broadwell-E Desktop Processors

Latest Intel NUC Gets Upgraded with Intel Core i7-6770HQ, Thunderbolt 3

Skylake Chips Announced – Gamers Crack a Smile

New processor chip announcements are like Wall Street bonuses – they only matter to the people directly involved with them. But Intel knows better and they realize that a very large component of users do care about processor upgrades – and those people are gamers.

Computex 2015: Intel Unveils Thunderbolt 3; Embraces USB-C

Whether you're a professional photographer, video editor, gamer, or someone who just wants to simplify their setup, Intel© has just made your life a little bit easier. At Computex 2015, Intel announced the arrival of Thunderbolt 3.


Computex 2015: News from Intel and NVIDIA on Day One of the 2015 Show

Intel steps up its game by introducing a new integrated graphics processor—code named Iris—which can be found on the company’s new batch of fifth-gen Intel core chips. This new GPU takes onboard graphics to a new level as it leverages up to 48 execution units and 128MB of embedded DRAM on an LGA desktop chip. You’ll benefit from improved media performance, including enhanced 4K support, smoother gaming, and twice the 3D graphics performance over its predecessors. 


CES 2015: Intel Compute Stick Transforms any HDMI Display into a Computer

The Intel® Compute Stick isn't just another streaming device that plugs into your HDTV. It's a fully functional computer that plugs into the HDMI port of a display (it will also need to plug into a USB port for power). At just 4 inches long, you'll be able to get the complete experience on an ultraportable, power-efficient device. It also comes pre-installed with Windows 8.1 or Linux. It features the reliability of a quad-core Intel® Atom processor, built-in wireless connectivity, onboard storage, and even a micro Secure Digital media card slot for storage expansion.



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