NAMM 2015: Novation Launches the New Launchpad Pro

Novation is expanding its popular line of Launchpad controllers for Ableton Live and other programs with the new Launchpad Pro. 

The Pro features 64 RGB LED feedback and velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads with 32 RGB backlit round mode buttons to enable expressive performances and inventive song creation. In Performance Mode, the pads illuminate to match the color of your clips in Ableton Live’s session views for 1:1 visual feedback.


New from Novation: Audiohub 2x4 Audio Interface and USB Hub


Hands-On Review: the Novation Launchkey

Join Rob Rives as he demonstrates the Novation Launchkey Controller and its functionality with multiple DAWs. Rives explores the functions, controls, and versatility of the Launchkey 49 key controller, including its InControl software that allows you to map the Launchkey to multiple DAWs.


Novation Launchpad S

Novation's popular Launchpad controller has been updated. The Launchpad S features brighter LEDs, a faster refresh rate, and full-MIDI class compliance so it can work with virtually any Mac- or PC-based audio software. In this video, Rob Rives takes a look at how it works.

NAMM 2013 Wrap-Up: Hot New Products

At the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, it’s not uncommon for the old and the new to cross paths. For more than a century, NAMM has been the place to showcase the latest innovations in music-related products. In 2013, we witnessed the rebirth of a synthesizer that was originally released in the late 1970s, and we were also introduced to a new kind of interface.

Hands-On Review: Novation MiniNova Mini-Keyboard

Novation is a leading brand in the resurging synthesizer market. Their microsynth, the MiniNova, is a versatile and feature-packed 37-key sound-shaping machine. The MiniNova is built on the same sound engine as the flagship UltraNova.

Holiday 2012: This Year's Top Trends and Breakthroughs

Trending topics on Twitter change rapidly from one minute to the next, but in the world of electronics manufacturing, trends evolve slowly, often taking an entire calendar year to surface. Here at B&H, we’re among the first to get our hands on the latest professional and consumer equipment, and we’re always looking for new trends in the products.


Holiday 2012: Tools for Creating Dubstep

Dubstep is a fairly new style of electronic music that’s dominated by sparse, reverberated beats and overpowering synthesized bass lines. In most forms of music, bass is pushed toward the back of the mix, but in Dubstep, it’s the unchallenged star of the show.

New Novation Animated MiniNova Synthesizer

Novation has announced the new MiniNova, a 37 mini-key synthesizer. It’s an ultra-compact keyboard with some unique design features. It could easily fit on top of a guitar amplifier, and its controls are obviously laid out for performance. It comes with 256 preset sounds, and you can save up to 128 custom patches.

Hands-On Review: Novation Keyboard Controllers

These keyboards play virtual and MIDI instruments and they have encoder knobs, drum pads, and transport controls for your DAW and plug-ins.


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