Top 10 On-Camera Video Lights

The on-camera light is to the video shooter what the speed light is to the still photographer. Many would consider it an essential piece of kit. “On-camera” is a term that defines a category, but these light may not always (or ever) be mounted on your camera. It refers to a compact, battery-powered light that can be mounted on-camera if you so choose. Some even work on drones. There are hundreds out there so what I would like to do is consider 10 in no particular order.

NAB 2015: Rotolight NEO On-Camera LED Light

Rotolight is catching the eye of many people with its new NEO on-camera LED light, debuting at NAB 2015. With a brightness of 1,077 lux at 3', the light is one of the brightness on-camera LEDs available, but can be dimmed to taste using its rear dial. The light delivers a soft, pleasing light output with high color accuracy. It also features Rotolight’s signature circular shape, which yields a distinctive round catchlight in the subject’s eye. In addition to dimming, the light also has a second rear dial for adjusting color temperature from 3150 to 6300K in 10-degree Kelvin increments.


Holiday 2012: Video Gifts and Gear

Holiday shopping for a professional photographer or videographer can be hard to do without breaking the bank. Most professional grade gear is justifiably very expensive, and you probably don’t want to buy someone an inferior version of something they already have.


Holiday 2012: HDSLR 101

Innovative LED Lighting for Stills and Video

LEDs have come a very long way from simple uses as indicator lights on your audio and video equipment to a dominant position in the field of signage and display in large public venues. Since developing technology has helped to overcome their initial high cost of production, they are now poised to supplant fluorescent lamps in our homes.

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