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NAB 2017: Sound Devices Unveils MixPre 3 and MixPre 6 Audio Recorders

Sound Devices, a venerated brand in the location recording industry, is unveiling two USB Audio Recorders/Interfaces at NAB 2017. First is the MixPre3, a five-track audio recorder with three XLR inputs, as well as auxiliary 3.5mm inputs for camera returns and more. The unit provides 48V phantom and plug-in-power support, as well as low cut filters, limiters at the input and output stages, input-pair linking in stereo and Mid/Side, a tone generator, and more.

Basic Tips and Tricks for Electronic News Gathering (ENG)

If you’re an audio person who likes the adrenaline rush of on-location recording, you’ve got options for work. On the music side, there are on-sight jazz records, classical concerts, and rock venues. But you also might want to take on-location gigs for other media—movies, TV web series, and our chosen topic of today, ENG.

But wait—what is ENG?

ENG stands for Electronic News Gathering. You know when you watch the news and they cut from the studio to some poor schmoe stuck in a hurricane describing the rain? That’s an example of ENG.

Audio for DSLR, Part 3: Dual Systems

In the third and final episode in our series dedicated to helping DSLR shooters improve the audio quality of their video productions, we take a look at some dual-system solutions. “Dual systems” means we use an entirely separate device to record our audio.

On-Camera Microphones from Sennheiser

One basic way to improve the sound quality of a video camera is to utilize an external, on-camera microphone. The microphone that’s built into your camera is typically of low quality and usually picks up lots of handling noise. An external microphone can provide better overall sound quality.

How to Eliminate Disposable Batteries in Production Sound

It’s easy for sound people to burn through piles of disposable batteries on a typical production day. Wireless microphone systems tend to eat up battery life very quickly, but portable field mixers, portable digital recorders, camera hops and IFB systems all require lots of juice too.


Stop Worrying About Compression With an On-Camera Video Recorder

Full Raster High Definition Video has six times the number of pixels as SD video. Theoretically it should take up six times as much space as SD. However, AVCHD has a slightly lower bitrate (24 Mb/s) than the DV codec used on most of the SD tape cameras of yore (25 Mb/s). 

The New Sound Devices MixPre-D: for Camera, Sound and Post

There’s a wide range of workflows in today’s production world, and the new Sound Devices MixPre-D is a versatile piece of equipment that will flow with the many different kinds of work.

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