Cine Lens Mania: How to “Cinemize” Your Lenses

You can make your still photography lenses more cinema and video friendly. Read how on B&H Explora.

See in Comfort, with Zeiss Optics Terra ED Binoculars, 2017 Edition

The newly updated 2017 editions of Zeiss Optics' perennial favorites, the Terra ED binoculars, feature a redesigned ergonomic chassis that makes holding them more comfortable than earlier iterations, especially during long glassing sessions. Offered in 8x and 10x magnifications, with either 32mm or 42mm objectives, they come in both traditional all black and an elegant gray-black combination.

How Virtual and Augmented Reality Will (Probably) Change Gaming

Virtual and augmented reality are catching on. Read about this technology at B&H Explora.

Cinema Lenses: What Are You Paying For?

This B&H Explora article emphasizes the value of professional cine optics from manufacturers such as Zeiss, Rokinon, Tokina, Angeniuex, Veydra, Cooke, and Schneider.

Cine-Style Prime Lens Sets

Learn how to purchase ready-made cine-style prime lens sets, or assemble your own custom kit individually, from makers such as SLR Magic, Zeiss, Cooke, GL Optics, Leica, Zeiss, Rokinon, Sony, Veydra, Bower, LockCircle, Samyang, Schneider, at B&H Explora.

Vintage Lens Review: Non-Retrofocus Ultra-Wide-Angle Lenses

When 35mm reflex cameras (SLRs) began arriving on our shores 70-odd years ago, the widest focal length lenses available at the time were 35mm (about 60° AoV). Wider-angle non-retrofocus lenses existed, but because their rear elements back-focused to within 5 to 10mm from the focus plane (film or camera sensor), they proved impractical for use in SLRs, which require 35-40mm of back focus to accommodate the mirror box.

Gearcast: Third-Party Lenses

Today we present our inaugural “Gearcast,” a monthly feature of the B&H Photography Podcast that focuses solely on new cameras, lenses, and photo gear. We have always discussed photography equipment, but the Gearcast is branded to speak to our gear-head cohorts and those looking specifically for an insightful conversation on the latest available cameras, lenses, and accessories and the most appropriate applications for them.

License to Thrill: Gifts for the Spy Who Loves You

Saving the world is a monumental task, but it’s all in a day’s work for a secret agent. Apart from extensive training and a repertoire of finely honed skills, such an impressive operative needs the right set of tools to complete his or her objectives. So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the perfect gift for the spy who loves you. No small task, either, because this means you’re partly responsible for his or her success or failure. Fortunately, B&H is in the know, and is here to help with a diverse selection of offerings for the covert agent in your life.

A Photographer’s Guide to Packing for Holiday Travel

Photographers packing for holiday travel often spend more time selecting photo gear than clothing and related personal items. Considering all the variables that go into packing the perfect photo bag or pack, this is quite understandable. One method that works for me is laying out on a table all the gear I’d like to bring, and whittling it down to a manageable amount based on what I expect to photograph. Ideally, I’ll have a home base to store whatever gear isn’t needed on a particular outing. Traveling light and comfortably cannot be overrated.

Primes Lenses to Replace your Zooms

So, we already addressed the idea of replacing your primes with a nice zoom lens, but let’s talk about going the other way, for a moment. If you love your zoom lenses, here are some primes that might lure you to the other side, or just make a nice addition to your kit.


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