Ignore the Cliché and Get Edgy with the Lensbaby Edge 35


Now Lensbaby Edge fans can grab an optic that gives them a little more room to breathe while working with the unique lens-tilt effects of the popular Edge optic. Designed for the Composer Pro II in the Lensbaby Optic Swap System system, the new Edge 35 Optic joins the Edge 50 Optic (and discontinued Edge 80 Optic) as a wider-angle option for photographers. Photographer Caroline Jensen says, “The Composer Pro II with Edge 35 Optic is a dream come true! I have been obsessed with the other Lensbaby Edge lenses since their launches, but I am ecstatic … to have a wider focal length for tighter spaces. It bridges the gap between workhorse use and creative artistry beautifully!”

The Edge 35 Optic gives creative photographers the ability to tilt the lens up to 15° to create a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal “slice” of razor-sharp detail through their image while the rest melts away into smooth blur and wonderful bokeh. Unlike a specialty lens that has a sharp central area and blurry edges, this slice of detail can easily span edge-to-edge in the frame, similarly to what you can create with very expensive dedicated tilt-shift lenses. The amount of blur on the edges of the slice can be controlled by the lens aperture. This slice effect also allows you to create your own “toy mode” image without relying on fancy electronics. Shoot the Edge 35 Optic straight to achieve a “normal” image with no creative effects.

Lensbaby Edge 35 Optic
Edge 35 Optic

The lens focuses from as close as 7" and creates a 1:5 magnification for close-up work, and the 9 multi-coated elements are arranged in 6 groups next to an 8-bladed aperture diaphragm.

Photo by Emma Wood
Photo by Marius Cinteza
Photo by Polina Plotnikova
Photo by Stephanie DeFranco

Full-frame shooters will enjoy the street photography classic 35mm field of view for great environmental portraiture, APS-C shooters using the Edge 35 will have a versatile 50mm equivalent experience, and Micro Four Thirds photographers will be working at a portrait-friendly 70mm equivalent. You may add the Edge 35 Optic to your existing Composer Pro / Composer Pro II system, or purchase the Composer Pro II and Edge 35 together for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E, Fujifilm X, and Micro Four Thirds mounts. Speaking on the 35mm focal length, photographer Stephanie DeFranco says, "… I didn't realize how much I had needed a 35mm in my kit, due to the ever-changing photography industry and stylistic wants of our clients. I was constantly having to change what I had envisioned a photo to look like because I either didn't have space to do it, or I just couldn't get to a location that I wanted to shoot from. After years of working with the Composer Pro Edge series, I'm so happy to say that my kit is finally complete with the Edge 35 and, if you're looking to add a wider optic to your kit, this is it."

Photo by Louise Zabriskie
Photo by Gerri Jones
Photo by Helena Normark
Photo by Lauren Bramlett

In closing, photographer Joe Porter is a fan of the Edge 35, “In a time when the world of photography is looking for faster, sharper, wider, and lighter, the Edge 35 will make you more connected to your photography.”