Bose® GrandPrix Next-Generation L1™ Line Array System


Mobile DJs, singers, performing musicians, and bands running their own PA systems need high-quality sound reinforcement that can reach their audiences without sacrificing portability or simplicity. So, if you want that and you're hoping to avoid lugging around a vanload of speakers, stands, and cables, you should strongly consider the Bose® GrandPrix family, which offers three L1 Pro™ line array systems and two modular subwoofers to satisfy the demands of various live performance environments.

L1 PRO8, L1 PRO16, L1 PRO21, SUB1 & SUB2
L1 PRO8, L1 PRO16, L1 PRO21, SUB1 & SUB2

When maximum portability is the priority, the L1 Pro8™ is the best bet. It sports a C-shaped line array with eight articulated 2" neodymium drivers and an integrated 7 x 13" RaceTrack subwoofer, making it perfect for minimizing setup time in small venues such as your local coffee house. For medium-size clubs and dining establishments, the L1 Pro16™ ups the output and bass performance by utilizing a 16-driver J-shaped line array and an integrated 10 x 18" RaceTrack subwoofer, but don't worry, it's still highly portable. If you're hoping to tackle weddings, large clubs, and spacious outdoor events, look to the L1 Pro32™.

Bass without the bulk
Bass without the bulk

With 32 drivers in a straight line array and two different available subwoofers—the Sub1™ (480W, 7 x 13" subwoofer) and the Sub2™ (1000W, 10 x 18" subwoofer), the L1 Pro32™ goes lower, gets louder, and covers more ground.

Bose L1 PRO Series Sub1
Bose L1 PRO Series Sub2

All three L1 Pro variants share some impressive common features. The onboard 3-channel mixer provides adjustable volume, 2-band EQ, and reverb for each channel, as well as handy presets to quickly optimize the sound for typical scenarios such as live or recorded music. Channels 1 and 2 are equipped with phantom-powered XLR-1/4" combo mic/line/instrument inputs, while channel 3 can accept signal via a Bluetooth wireless connection, a 3.5mm aux input, or a 1/4" line input.

You can make a mix with the physical controls on the L1 Pro™ or you can load the L1 Mix app on your mobile device to empower yourself with total wireless mix control from anywhere in the room.

Mixer onboard… and on your phone

Expansion options are available if you need more inputs or more crowd coverage. For example, just connect the XLR line out to another speaker to create a bigger system. Snag a Bose® T4S™ or T8S™ ToneMatch mixer and plug it into the dedicated ToneMatch™ port on any L1 Pro to take advantage of more mic preamps, instrument inputs, studio quality effects, and simple hookup to the L1 Pro™ system.

With the L1 Pro™ portable line array systems, you can have the respected Bose® sound without breaking your back between gigs. Swing by the B&H SuperStore or peruse our website to learn more about them!