Beat the Loud Coworker Blues: Blue Noise-Canceling, Wireless Headphones

Active noise cancellation can be a beautiful thing, especially in headphones. Suddenly, that office mate with the high, screechy voice in the cubical kitty-cornered from you has been silenced, replaced by the dulcet tones of whatever you really want to hear. Blue, a company famous for its microphones and headphones, offers a pair of headphones with proprietary active noise cancellation technology built right in. Moreover, these Blue headphones are Bluetooth-enabled for wireless listening.

Livestreaming and Capture or How to Get Paid to Play

If you'd like to make money playing video games, using Twitch online, read this starter advice on B&H Explora.

Pad Your Studio with Three New Blue Microphones

With their recognizable design and precise, nuanced sound, Blue microphones have been a well-regarded part of the pro audio scene for quite some time.

CES 2017: Blue Ups the Ante with Two New Powered Headphones

Building upon the success of the Lola and Mo-Fi headphones, Blue has announced two new headphones aimed at the discerning audiophile and audio engineer—the Sadie premium headphones with a built-in amplifier, and the

Blue's News: The Blue Raspberry Premium Mobile USB Mic

Back to School: Beat-Making on Campus

Headed back to school and looking for some portable inspiration to capture and produce your musical musings? Look no further as we explore what B&H has to offer. Whether you are looking to record to your computer and iOS devices, or you need an ultra-portable music production station, synthesizer, or drum machine, check out this list of “must have” gear that won’t break the bank.

Audio interfaces

Podcasters' Buying Guide

It has been quite an exciting year for the B&H Photography Podcast, as well as for podcasting as a medium, in general. Hugely popular shows such as Serial, Radiolab, and Reply All have taken podcasts to new heights in terms of amazing content, and have also substantially raised the bar for audio production.

Vlogging for Beginners: Essential Gear

Vlogging—or video blogging—is becoming more popular by the day, with seemingly everyone seeking to become the next YouTube sensation. You may be thinking that with the right subject matter and your winning personality, stardom is right around the corner. And who knows—maybe it is! But if you’re really going to give it a go, then you’re going to need a few essential pieces of gear to get your vlogging career up and running, and looking good. I mean, let’s face it: viewers are brutal. Bad audio? Dislike! Lousy video quality? Double dislike!

NAMM 2015: Blue Hummingbird Finally Sees the Light of day

At last year’s Winter NAMM, Blue released some very preliminary information about a small diaphragm condenser microphone that, at the time, they were calling Codename: Hampton. Well, about a year later, it is finally seeing a proper unveiling at NAMM 2015, and is now known as Hummingbird. As you’d expect from Blue, Hummingbird has a bit of an unconventional design, but one that serves a good purpose. Its head can be rotated 180 degrees, allowing it to fit into small places easily, much like its namesake.

USB Microphones: Versatile and Easy to use

Today’s technology user constantly demands smaller and more portable devices. Customers want all-in-one, plug-and-play solutions that are versatile and easy to use. The world of audio recording has certainly followed suit, hence the growing popularity of USB microphones.


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