The Latest and Greatest Lighting Tools from Godox


For a lighting company that’s only been around for just over a decade, Godox has managed to establish itself not only as a recognizable brand among on-camera, portable, and LED lighting manufacturers, but as a serious contender in a fiercely competitive marketplace. And how did the company manage to gain such a solid footing in such a short time? Easy. Godox produces exciting state-of-the-art lighting products at price points that make the competition’s bean counters queasy. The following are some of the more recent and popular Godox flash products.

Godox On-Camera Flash

The Godox V1 TTL lithium-ion round head flash isn’t your grandad’s speedlight. Advanced enough for professional use in the studio or on location, the Godox V1 packs 76Ws into a sleek compact flash system that can be used equally well on or off camera, all while delivering evenly distributed light throughout its 28mm to 105mm auto zoom range. Some of the features found on the Godox V1 flash system include the following:

  • Magnetically attached light-shaping accessories
  • 7.2V/2600mAh lithium-ion battery / up to 480 flashes per charge / full-power recycling in as little as 1.5 seconds
  • TTL via 2.4 GHz Wireless X-System Transmitter for wireless communications up to 320'
  • Flash duration 1/300th to 1/20,000th second / 1/8000th-second hi-speed sync
  • Flash head swing/tilt 0 to 330° horizontally and -7 to 120° vertically
  • AF assist and 3200K LED modeling lamp
  • Configure up to 4 wireless master/slave groups
  • Compatible with all Godox TTL flash systems
  • Dedicated flashes for Nikon, Sony, Canon, FUJIFILM, Pentax, and Olympus/Panasonic cameras
The Godox V1 TTL flash system is the size of your average speedlight but is far more powerful and flexible and can communicate fluidly with all current Godox TTL flash systems.
The Godox V1 TTL flash system is the size of your average speedlight but is far more powerful and flexible and can communicate fluidly with all current Godox TTL flash systems.

A bit simpler, but far from simple, is the Godox VING TTL Lithium-Ion V860II, which features a guide number of 190' (ISO 100, 200mm flash position) and a 10:1 flash head zoom range of 20mm to 200mm and as wide as 14mm with diffuser panel in place. Other features unique to the Godox VING V860II include the following:

  • TTL via 2.4 GHz Wireless X-System Transmitter for wireless communications up to 320'
  • 2000mAh lithium-ion battery / up to 650 flashes per charge / 1.5-second recycling time
  • Flash duration 1/300th to 1/20,000th second / 1/8000th-second hi-speed sync
  • Flash head swing/tilt 0 to 360° horizontally and -7 to 90° vertically
  • Configure up to 4 wireless master/slave groups
  • Compatible with all Godox TTL flash systems
  • Dedicated models for Sony, Nikon, Canon, FUJIFILM, and Olympus/Panasonic cameras
The Godox VING V860 II TTL Lithium-Ion Flash
The Godox VING V860 II TTL Lithium-Ion Flash

In addition to their respective capabilities, both the Godox VING V1 and V860II can be wirelessly integrated with the entire line of Godox portable flash systems. Like I said earlier, these aren’t your granddad’s speedlights.

Godox Portable Outdoor Strobes

The Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash is the centerpiece of an impressively small, yet impressively capable 200Ws portable flash system. The pocket-size AD200 Pro has a narrow tapered outer housing with rounded edges and features interchangeable flash heads, system-wide WiFi capabilities, and a lithium-ion battery (14.4V/2900mAh) that’s good for up to 500 full-power flashes and 1.8-second recycling times. A full range of magnetically attached light-shaping tools, including reflectors, soft boxes, snoots, filters, and grids is also available for the Godox AD200 Pro TTL. Other features include:

  • 200Ws / GN 60 (m ISO 100 with AD-S2 standard reflector at 28mm), GN 52 (m ISO 100 at 35mm)
  • Bare Bulb Flash Head H200J, Fresnel Head H200 (included)
  • LED Light Head AD-L, Round Flash Head H200R (sold separately)
  • Compatible with Godox X1, Godox XPro, and Godox X2 TTL wireless flash triggers
  • Up to 5 groups / 32 channels to 328'
  • Full to 1/256th power in 1/10th-stop increments, +/-100K color accuracy
  • Flash duration as fast as 1/15,380th second / Stroboscopic mode
  • Modeling lamp
  • Built-in Wireless X-System receiver
  • Available as kits for Nikon, Canon, Sony, FUJIFILM, and Olympus/Panasonic camera systems

The Godox AD200Pro TTL is literally a pocket-size photo studio.

With 300Ws of output and a weight of only 2.8 lb, the Godox AD300Pro Outdoor Flash is the TTL battery-powered flash you want to have when traveling light. About a knuckle taller than a soda can (7.5"), the AD300Pro recharges in as little as 2.5 hours for up to 320 full-power flashes. There are also a half-dozen light modifiers, including reflectors, a light box, barndoors, and a snoot. Some of the other features found on the Godox AD300Pro include the following:

  • Compatible with Godox X1Godox X2, and XPro Remote Triggers
  • Wireless operation with up to 5 groups (32 channels) for distances up to 328'
  • Full to 1/256th power in 9 steps / 0.01 to 1.5-second recycling times
  • LED Modeling Lamp (3000K - 6000K, +/-500K) with 10-step brightness control
  • Stable Color Temperature mode (+/- 100K throughout range)
  • 1/220 to 1/10,200th-second t0.1 flash duration times (approx.)
  • HHS to 1/8000th second / 0.01 to 30-second Flash Delay
  • Compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus/Panasonic, FUJIFILM, and Pentax camera systems

The Godox 300Ws AD300Pro gets up to 320 full-power flashes per charge.

The Godox AD400Pro Witstro All-in-One Outdoor Flash, which is only about 8.7" long, features 400Ws power output, 0.01 to 1.0-second recycling times, finer exposure controls, and the option for plugging into an AC outlet. The AD400Pro Witstro also features an extensive range of dedicated light modifiers, a 30W LED modeling lamp, and color temperature consistency of +/-75K throughout the power range. Other features found on this flash include the following:

  • Built-in 2.4 GHz Wireless X System / 5 groups, 32 channels
  • GN 236' at ISO 100
  • TTL compatible with most DSLRs and mirrorless camera systems
  • 1/230 to 1/12,340th-second flash durations
  • 3.5mm sync connection / wireless control port, USB Type-C port for firmware upgrades
  • Bowens accessory mount and a full line of light-shaping tools
  • Dedicated all-in-one outdoor flash kits for NikonCanonSony, Olympus/Panasonic, Pentax, and FUJIFILM camera systems
  • Compatible with most TTL systems

The top gun of the series is the Godox AD600Pro Witstro, which feature-wise is comparable to the Witstro AD400Pro but with a total of 600Ws of light output. Like the Witstro AD400Pro, the AD600Pro can be used in a slave/master combination with Godox on-camera and outdoor TTL flash systems.

The Godox AD600Pro (left) and Godox AD400Pro (right) with snoot attachment.

Godox LED Light Panels

LED lighting systems and video are a match made in heaven, and Godox is on top of the situation. The Godox RGB Mini Creative M1 On-Camera Video LED Light is a highly adjustable video light panel with features that aren’t limited to merely lighting the scene. In addition to a continuously adjustable color temperature range of 2500K to 8500K with a CRI of 97, the Godox M1, which measures a slender 5.7 x 2.8 x 0.6", has 15 lighting effects, including flash, lasers, lightning, candles, cop car, and light burst. There’s also a music mode that syncs sound with pulsating lighting effects and colors that change with the volume of the tunes. Other features found on the Godox RGB Mini Creative M1 include:

  • Hue and saturation adjustment with a 360 color range
  • 15 special lighting effects / 40 presets / 0 to 100% dimming control
  • Built-in mic for Music mode
  • Dedicated screen to display parameters precisely
  • LED control panel
  • 1/4"-20 articulated mounting bracket
  • 2410mAh battery lasting 2.5 hours at full power
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Weighs 8.47 oz

The Godox RGB Mini Creative M1 light panel is a small light that can add lots of visual impact to your videos and vlog posts.

Godox’s LEDP120C LED Light Panel with L-Series Battery Plate has a broad target range, including weddings, ENG, product photography, macrophotography, and other situations in which a small LED panel is the exact tool for the job. With a weight of only 7.76 oz and measuring a mere 0.7" thick, the LEDP120C can be used on-camera, handheld, or on a stand. Other features include the following:

  • 12W maximum power
  • 3300K to 5600K color range
  • 10 to 100% brightness control range
  • 116 high-quality LED bulbs
  • Powered by a Sony L-Series (NP-F) battery (7.4V lithium-ion, sold separately)
  • CRI 95 / TLCI 95
  • Includes L-type bracket

The Godox LEDP120C LED Light Panel with L-Series Battery Plate can be used on-camera, on a stand, or handheld.

Barndoors, Bluetooth wireless remote control, and a choice of battery or AC power are just three of the highlights of the Godox LF308BI Variable Color LED Video Light with Flash Sync. Featuring 154 daylight and an additional 154 tungsten-balanced LED bulbs, the Godox LF308BI has a 0 to 100% brightness range with an LCD readout for battery status, fine-tuning the lamp’s 3300K to 5600K color temperature range, and wireless channel selection. In addition to continuous light, the LF308BI has a flash mode with 3x the output of video light mode. Other features include:

  • Flash mode
  • Bluetooth remote control via app
  • Barndoors for controlling light spill
  • Built-in L-series battery plate (battery not included)
  • Can be integrated with up to 6 groups / 32 channels
  • Battery or AC (AC to DC power adapter included)
  • Cold shoe mount and mini stand included

The Godox LF308BI Variable Color LED Video Light with Flash Sync features barndoors, Bluetooth remote control, and a flash function in a compact, flexible lighting system.

Godox LED Video Lights

The Godox VL150 LED Video Light is part of Godox’s newest LED monolight-style lighting system. Rated at 150Ws, the VL 150 is designed for daylight-balanced video recording using AC or battery power. The Godox VL 150 is the base model of a series that includes the Godox VL 200 (200Ws max) and Godox VL 300 (300Ws max), all of which share these features:

  • 150W Daylight (5600K, +/-200K)
  • Bluetooth wireless control
  • 5.5 x 7.1 x 11.8"; 3.95 lb, 4.92 lb, 5.82 lb, respectively
  • Up to 6 groups / 16 channels
  • AC or DC battery power (AC adapter included)
  • Bowens mount enables you to install various types of accessories

The Godox VL150 is an LED monolight with Bluetooth connectivity and the option of battery or AC power.

Noise on set can be an issue when shooting video with audio, which brings us to the Godox UL150 Silent LED Video Light. Featuring a fan-less cooling system that all but eliminates operating noise, the UL150 makes use of an external controller that further lightens the weight of the light. The Godox UL150 outputs a maximum 150Ws and features a built-in 16.8V DC power supply and an AC adapter for powering in the studio. Other features include:

  • Silent, fan-free operation
  • 150W
  • 5600K (+/-200K)
  • AC/DC operation
  • V-mount battery plate
  • Bowens-mount reflector (included)
  • Up to 6 groups / 16 channels
  • Rotatable yoke

Quiet, fan-free cooling is what makes the Godox UL150 Silent LED Video Light so special.

Another silent video light is the Godox ML60 LED Light, a 60W portable 5600K LED source that’s perfect for “point-and-light” handheld operation. The Godox ML60 features 13,000 lux at 1m with the standard reflector, 0 to 100% brightness control, 8 special effects modes, and a choice of AC or battery-powered operation. Other features include:

  • 6 x 3.5 x 3.5" / 27 oz
  • CRI 96+ / TLCI 97+
  • Lightning (3-modes), Flash, Conference, Paparazzi, TV, and Broken Bulb special effect modes
  • Compatible with all Godox-mount light modifiers and Bowens-mount accessories (with optional S2 bracket)
  • Compatible with Godox RC-A6 remote
  • 16 groups / 32 channels / 99 IDs
  • AC with adapter (included) or 2NP-F970 batteries (optional)

The Godox ML60 is a quiet-running, versatile 60W AC/DC LED light source.

Unique Godox Lighting Systems

If your lighting needs are split between flash and LED, the Godox FV150 High Speed Sync Flash LED Light can prove to be a godsend. Rated at 5600K daylight in both flash and LED mode, the FV150 is dimmable 0 to 100% in LED mode and from full to 1/16th power in flash mode. Designed for use in every location, the Godox FV150 features a 100-240 VAC power supply that allows you to plug in anywhere. Other features include:

  • LED has a CRI/TLCI rating of 96/97
  • 8 LED special effect modes include Storm Variations, TV, and Broken Bulb
  • 16-group / 32-channel remote control
  • Hi-speed sync 1/8000th second
  • Compatible with Bowens light-shaping accessories
  • Compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, FUJIFILM, Olympus/Panasonic, and Pentax cameras

The Godox FV150 is a bilingual light source—it speaks continuous and flash.

There’s something wonderful about the looks of the Godox LC500 LED Light Stick—a 22" light saber-like LED light source that can introduce a huge dose of creativity into your lighting repertoire.

Featuring 516 LED bulbs, the LC500 offers a choice of 3300K or 5600K color temperature, and variable brightness from 100 to 10%. The omnidirectional light output can be narrowed by the use of the included barndoors. Features include:

  • Lithium-ion battery gets 2 hours of run time per 2.5-hour charge
  • CRI 95 / TLCI 95
  • 3300K / 5600K
  • Passive cooling
  • 111.5 fc / 1200 lux at 3.28' / 1 m
  • 2.2 x 22" / 26.8 oz
  • Case, Bluetooth remote control, and AC adapter included

The Godox LC 500 is a 22" LED light stick for creative daylight and tungsten lighting.

Ring lights are fabulous for portraits, fashion, and times you need round catchlights or a soft shadowless light source. Featuring a color temperature range of 3000K to 6000K, with the Godox LR120 Bi-Color LED Ring-Light it’s easy to match the color of other light sources within the scene. Available at both 12" and 18" sizes, and black or pink color options, it even comes with a flexible smartphone holder for capturing selfies and vlogging needs. Features include:

  • Color: 3000 to 6000K, CRI/TLCI: 90
  • Dimmable, USB powered
  • Dimming: 10 to 100%, AC adapter
  • Flexible phone holder
The Godox LC 500 is a terrific lighting tool for shadowless close-ups and portraiture.
The Godox LR120 Bi-Color LED Ring-Light is a terrific lighting tool for shadowless close-ups and portraiture.

Keep in mind the abovementioned LED and flash lighting kits are only a sampling of the lighting systems and accessories available from Godox. Do you have any experience using Godox lighting gear? If so, tell us your thoughts in the Comments section, below.