Cognisys Motion Control, Focus Stacking, and High-Speed Photography Gear



If you’re interested in time-lapse, motion-control, or high-speed photography, the Cognisys line of controls, rails, and rotary tables is sure to excite. At the heart of the line are the controls: the StackShot, StackShot 3X, and the StopShot.

The StackShot controller is ideal for stacking macro shots when it is paired with the Macro Rail or Extended Macro Rail. It can program camera triggering and rail movements and has a time-lapse mode for shooting time-lapse stacks. If adding one or two more axes of control is important, the StackShot 3X is better suited to your needs. It adds a color, touchscreen interface; an extra shutter output; an external trigger input; Wi-Fi connectivity; and Dragonframe software compatibility. This allows the 3X to shoot virtual objects, panoramas, multi-row panoramas, shoot-move-shoot time lapse, continuous time lapse, and motion video using motorized pan and tilt when combined with the pan and tilt kit. The StackShot 3X comes in a Deluxe Kit, Pan-Tilt Field Kit, Pan-Tilt Kit, Virtual Object Creation Kit, and a Macro Rail Package.

The StopShot controller is for high-speed photography and can accept a variety of sensor types, such as audio, beam, IR, and motion sensors. It has a simple four-button interface and a 4 x 20 LCD screen and is available in a kit with a laser transmitter. The StopShot is ideal for shooting water drops, wildlife, ballistics, and other situations where sensor triggering is necessary. Shutter Interface Switches are available to connect the StopShot to compatible cameras, minimizing lag time.

The StopShot Studio controller adds computer control and features 12 outputs, 2 sensor inputs, a microphone input, and a start button. This is ideal for photographers who require multiple water valves for their photos. It is available as the StopShot Studio Controller only, a 3 Valve Water Drop Kit, and a Water Drop Photography Kit.