Scott Kelby's Photoshop for Travel Photographers


In this video, Scott Kelby shares numerous techniques for elevating the look and feel of your travel photographs through the use of Photoshop. By employing selective editing tools, masking techniques and general global image enhancements, Kelby's overview demonstrates how to improve the look of photographs you have taken during your travels.



A mixture of both Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop is used to quickly and easily produce results for your photographs that are made under time-sensitive and frequently trying conditions.



This was a great tutorial on travel photography fixes. I am a NAPP member as well as Kelby Training; theses are great resources as well. But really, I was so pleased to find this video on the B&H website. The lengths that B&H goes to, providing quality merchandise as well as training, amazes me. My thanks to Scott for his constant help and support for photographers everywhere and to B&H for sponsoring NAPP and Kelby Training and providing such a wonderful online resource for all things photography.

Thank you!

thanks Scott! it is like watching brain surgery by a top surgeon!!
Hopefully one day I will be ale to perform at least 1% of what you teach

Excellent grade about handling of photoshop Cs6. is really from him about the travel photography,
i think is a excellent photoshop's professor, B&H must more class from him. is really good.
Federico F. Moy
From México city.