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Gabe Richards lets us know all about Zoom's new handheld recorders, the H1essential, H4essential, and H6essential, all of which feature 32-bit float recording. You'll learn which is best for journalists, multi-person podcasts, and more. 0:00 - Essential Series Overview 0:56 - Which is Right for You? 2:03 - More Essential Info What do you think of Zoom’s latest offerings? Let us know in the Comments section, below.
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With its large touchscreen, 32-bit float resolution to avoid clipping, and tailored modes for podcast, voice, field, and music recording applications, the Tascam Portacapture X8 portable handheld multitrack recorder makes it incredibly easy to capture up to six tracks of detailed, high-resolution audio for common production scenarios. Its detachable condenser mics can be set for a wide or tight stereo image and may be used
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Portable audio recorders come in handy in so many situations—for live concerts, solo and ensemble performances, electronic news gathering, capturing sound effects and Foley, interviews, and more. An ideal recorder would be one that features uncompromised audio fidelity, flexible microphone configurations and inputs, and powerful processing without sacrificing compactness and portability. Since the big brains at Sony happen to agree, they've willed into reality the new
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Tascam knows the need for high-quality audio recording isn't limited to the studio. Recording lectures, podcasts, meetings, interviews, ambience, sound effects, or music? All of it should be captured with the same uncompromising intention; get it and get it right. Considering that you may find yourself in anything from a lush forest of nature's finest to an acoustically treated studio fortress, Tascam has released a new line of portable audio recorders and audio interfaces that
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Lectrosonics announces its latest foray into the portable recording market, with the SPDR – Stereo Portable Digital Recorder, which delivers advanced technology and features, including stereo / dual mono modes with two channels available. Customer demand for a small, lightweight dual-channel recorder was the catalyst for creating a compact recorder for use on virtual reality sound captures or as a backup recorder for bag systems in
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In the following video, “AB” demonstrates the Zoom F1 Field Recorder, and how it can be a useful addition to any professional sound engineers inventory. This video explores the functions, controls, and features of the Zoom F1, including the inputs and outputs, signal flow, and peripherals including the SGH-6 shotgun mic module and the LMF-1 omnidirectional lavalier
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Designed for the "run-and-gun" video creators, Zoom has announced the F1 Field Recorder, its latest solution for capturing professional-quality audio for video in a stealth-like form factor. The F1 is compatible with all Zoom microphone capsules and is shipping, initially, with either the shotgun microphone or a lavalier microphone. This tiny field recorder offers several essential features for videographers, including a tone generator for setting levels, sound markers for aligning audio and video, an on-board limiter to keep your levels in
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iZotope is known for being adept at creating both creative and practical problem solving audio software; drop their name to a pro or home recorder, and they’ll think of their mastering suite Ozone, their problem solving restoration RX, or their mixing tool
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Zoom has a history of packing an impressive list of features and functionality into a small footprint and the LiveTrak L-12 digital console is no exception. Designed for the person who needs a board advanced enough to meet the demands of studio-based production and robust and versatile enough to use in live stage applications such as concerts or conferences, the LiveTrak L-12 offers everything from microphone preamps and built-in effects to
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In this video, our resident audio expert, Rob Rives, shows us the new Zoom iQ6 stereo microphone, which turns your iOS device with Lightning connector into a fully functional field recorder. Great for capturing the sounds of concerts, interviews, meetings, lectures and more, the iQ6 records high-quality audio at up to 16-bit/48kHz resolution. The microphone uses the same two unidirectional condenser mics found in the popular H4n recorder,