Peak Design

Shoot in Harsh Conditions with the Peak Design Shell Form-fitting Rain and Dust Cover

Imaging USA 2015: Hands On the Peak Design Slide and Clutch Straps

Highlighting Peak Design’s dedication to innovative camera strap designs, this video features Mia McCormick speaking with a representative from the company about its Slide Camera Strap, as well as about its proprietary connection system, Anchor Link.

Camera Holster Systems

Innovative and modular camera holsters from Peak Design, Cotton Carrier, and Spider eliminate the neck pain associated with wearing your camera strap and replace it with a weight-distributing, secure, and quick-access alternative. For a stable carrying method that restricts your DSLR from swinging awkwardly, this holiday season, choose a camera holster.

Holiday 2012: Straps, Vests and Belt Systems

Professionals and discerning hobbyists know you’ve got to choose the right tool for the job, and specialization is usually the key. Of course, this inevitably leads to the accumulation of a simply massive collection of cameras, lenses and every kind of accessory you could ever imagine.


Peak Design Capture Camera Clip System Offers Innovative Camera Support

Whether you’re packing for a shoot on location or simply going for a stroll through the park, you know carrying around your heavy DSLR, with an attached lens to boot, can quickly tire your hands and arms or strain your neck and back if you dangle it from its strap. 

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