Finding Your Keys: Synth Tips to Put in any Guitar Player’s Pocket

The synthesizer quandary—every guitar player-turned-producer comes face to face with it sooner or later. On the one hand, that song you’re working on could really use a synth part. On the other hand, you’re a guitar player, not a pianist; those lessons your parents made you suffer through so long ago have been thoroughly wiped from the annals of your memory.

No keyboard skills? No problem. We at B&H can still give you practical advice on how to become a digital synth-smith, even if your wheelhouse is built of strings. Read on for tools, tips, and tricks!

Unveiled: Roland A-01K Controller and Tone Generator Synthesizer and Keyboard Controller

Unveiled: Roland System-500 Complete Modular Synthesizer

Unveiled: Roland Blues Cube Hot Guitar Amplifiers

Unveiled: New BOSS Pedals and Switcher, 2016

What would another year be without some new stompboxes? To keep pedal fiends on their toes, this year Boss is unveiling some new effects and a new programmable loop switcher. Let’s dive in!

Unveiled: Roland EC-10 Electronic Layered Cajon

Unveiled: Roland WPM-10 3D Stereo Microphone for GoPro with Immersive First-Person Sound

How to Choose an Analog Synth that’s Right for You

Synthesizers appeal to a broad range of users, many of whom experience sheer delight with the sounds and symphonies they can create on a synth. Analog synthesizers are making something of a big comeback this year, and we'd like to take this opportunity to share information about the more outstanding models, and the people who love to create the tones and multitimbral tunes that these instruments are able to produce.

NAMM 2015: The New Super UA Audiophile Interface from Roland

NAMM 2015: Roland Announces the MX-1 Mix Performer

Roland has announced the new MX-1 that combines the elements of a mixer, control surface, audio interface, and step-based effector to be the nerve center of your electronic music rig. 


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