B&H & Adobe Lightroom Digital Summit



The Digital Photography Summit is a software and digital-technology showcase of the latest trends, held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, and featuring panel discussions, demonstrations, and surprises from Scott Kelby, Julieanne Kost, and Katrin Eismann.

The event is free to the public and most recently transpired in June, 2013. It is a great opportunity to witness the convergence of software, gear, and technology, led this year by three of the most significant voices in digital photography.

The 2013 Summit's agenda Included:

  • Live shootout with Scott Kelby
  • Perfect workflow for today’s high megapixel advanced DSLR cameras shooting in RAW
  • Major software releases demonstrated
  • Latest technology in cameras set in a mini trade show
  • High-end gear giveaways
  • Special show discounts
  • Gear trade-in programs

The Digital Summit was streamed live for those who could not attend. In this video, you can watch the highlights of the Lightroom 5 presentation. 

Proudly sponsored by: Adobe, Canon, Kelby Training, Intel, Elinchrom, Jpegmini, Lexar, Manfrotto, Sigma, Sony, Squarespace, Teradek, Tether Tools, WD, and Westcott.

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