The Polaroid 210: Yes, They Still Make Film for That


One of my favorite cameras to shoot is my Polaroid 210 Land Camera, because every time I bring it out, I’m met with the same response: “They still make film for that?” I love surprising people, and even more, I love getting them into shooting instant film.  It not only gives you a gratifying, and somewhat nostalgic feeling, it’s also a guaranteed conversation starter.

Above photograph: Fujifilm FP-100C

Polaroid 210 Land Camera

In this new “gimme-now” society, we want, and sometimes need, instant gratification. Instant film definitely isn’t new technology, but it’s often overlooked. There are many cameras, both old and new, to choose from when shooting instant film, and most of them are very affordable and easy to use. The next time you think about adding a filter on Instagram to mimic an instant photo, think about how cool it would be to take a picture with a real Polaroid camera, and be able to hold a real instant photo in your hand.

Impossible Project, Silver Shade

A great place to start is with a Polaroid 600 camera. Since a lot of people think you can’t get film for these, you can grab them used, really cheap. A company called The Impossible Project picked up where Polaroid left off, and makes some great film for these old cameras. My personal favorite camera and instant film combination is a Polaroid Land Camera loaded with Fujifilm FP-100C Professional Instant Color Film. If you have a favorite instant camera or film, feel free to tell us about it in the comments.




Please take this down !! This is a horrible reminder of my sadness peal apart film was my heart and it needs to be brought back this post is misleading 

Hey! I own a Polaroid Instant 10. Do you have any idea of a film that could be compatible with it? I'm craving taking her on a trip and shoot some vintage instants. Please let me know if you know something.

Unfortunately, the 3 1/4" x 3 3/8" peel apart 80 series films for this camera have been discontinued. I'm very sorry. 

Hi Hannah,

Sorry but this article is now out of date. That film is no longer available and we don't offer any alternatives. We will be amending/delisting this article to avoid any future confusion it may cause.

One year later and this article still brings people in to be disappointed

Are the batteries included in the film? And if not where do I get one?

Having been given a Fuji 70 with B&W film for christmas, I am re-hooked on pola, can you still get film for a land camera in Black and White? If so what sort of cost for a 10 pack? Thanks Nik


Black and White is getting harder and harder to come by, currently we only have stock in color.

hello, can u deliver a film of polaroid 210 to Lebanon and how much it will coast?

Hi Lony - 

We can deliver the Fujifilm FP-100C film pack to Lebanon.  Please access the product webpage by clicking on this link , adding the item to our on-line cart system, and choosing LEBANON from the COUNTRY list  to calculate shipping and delivery details.

Hello, do you sell paper for the land the colorpack II? 

Hi Sofia - 

This film will work:

This is a 10 exposure pack of glossy Instant Color Film FP-100C/FP 100C from Fuji. It is a peel-apart-type instant color film with an ISO speed rating of 100.

Its ability to produce photos of superb quality makes this film ideal for a wide range of commercial uses, including product photography requiring long exposures, microphotography, CRT image recording, and of course identification and portrait photography.

This film, in regular size, can be used in cameras and other photographic equipment that accept instant film with a photo size of 85 x 108mm, and those provided or fitted with an instant camera back.

Improved light-fading characteristics

Further extended low-temperature end (from 15 to 10 degrees centigrade)

Reduced color variations caused by differences in the peeling time

Reduced color cast after peeling                         

But fujifilm has discontinued the fp 100c ... there isn't another solution?

Hi! I have a 340 land polariod. So you guys sell the film for it? Thanks!

I do have a Polaroid Land Camera Model 95
Do you guy have film for it or do you know where i can get film?


Hi Luiz -

We do not offer film for these vintae polaroid cameras.   This camera used  Polaroid Rollfilm Type 42 Film.  You may try contacting

Does anyone know where to purchase film for the Polaroid 215? It's a bit older than the 210, even. I'm wondering if anyone knows if the two are compatible? Thanks!

Would that also be compatible with the 210? The film referenced in the article is discontinued.

The Fujifilm FP-100C Professional Instant Color Film ISO 100 would also be compatible with the Polaroid 210 Land Camera, yes. 

Hi, can you retrieve the negative from Impossible Project films using the same way for Fuji? I usually use a bleach on the back of the Fujiu to clear the back and retrieve the negs but I don't have camera that takes Imposible Project film

To the best of my knowlege this would not be possible with the Impossible Project film selection we offer. 

I recently acquired a Polaroid Spectra Pro and not sure where the film is available.  In the 50/60's we owned a Polaroid Land camera when my husband was in the US Army. I would appreciate your help.

 just bought a Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 210. Where can I find batteries for it. And your link is for black and white film-where can I find color film for it?

Actually the 210 needs the 4.5V battery the A19PX. I tried replacing the old battery with a pair of AAs and the shutter never fired, until I realized I read the wrong specs. 

I just put a pack of FP-100C in and shot my first photos from the camera ni like 5 years. The colors are great (I only shot black and white before). My 210 belonged to my grandmother, bought in the late 1960s.

Do you know what types of film, both color and black & white, work best or at all for the Polaroid 600 camera and the Polaroid Sun 660 camera? 

You can use any 600 film in the Polaroid 600 and Sun 660 cameras.  We carry several different stocks from the Impossible Project, which you can find if you CLICK HERE

I found your article while looking for film for a Polaroid 210 camera. I'm unfamiliar with picking out the correct film, and the only film I've been able to find on your website that can work with this camera is the 3000 b&w film. Do you have a link for the 75 speed color.
Thank you!

We offer the two types of Fuji film for this format discussed in this article the 3000 ISO B+W film and also a 100ISO color option..  Below is a link to the two types on our website.  Following that is a link to the Impossible Project website so you may regard their film options as well.

wow!  I still have my Polaroid Land Camera, model 210, that I purchased it in 1967 or '68!  Where can I find film for it?  Would love to see if it still works after 47 years!