Track and Time-Lapse with the Syrp Genie II


Kick up your slider shots a notch with the new Syrp Genie II Linear and Genie II Pan/Tilt Head—now in stock at B&H Photo. These latest versions of Syrp's motorized, programmable Genie components provide fine-tuned control for creating complex, multi-axis moves and time-lapse effects with almost any slider system. Supporting up to 12 lb with 90˚ tilt and up to 8 lb for full 180˚ tilt control, the Genie II is suitable for use with a variety of DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and smaller camcorders.

Syrp Genie II 3-Axis Kit

This compact, 3-axis motion-control system consists of two units: the Linear drive and the Pan/Tilt head. These modules can be purchased separately, together, or in a variety of kits with additional slider components. Attach the Genie II Linear drive and the included rope to your slider, then choose preset moves or create your own using the Syrp Bluetooth-controlled app. The Genie II Pan/Tilt head clicks onto the Linear driver, enabling you to add dynamic pans and tilt moves to your compositions. Syrp has rebuilt its app and it now features Live View, wireless camera control, and keyframing for individual axis control.

Updates to the Genie II include quicker, more robust controls, a quick-release camera plate, and a simplified setup—all while remaining portable so you can capture eye-catching shots almost anywhere you can trek. Still-photo features include bulb ramping, a time-lapse compiler, HDR time-lapse, 360˚ time-lapse, and multi-row panoramic capture.

The versatile Genie II system is compatible with Syrp and other brands of sliders, skater dollies, cable-cam setups, and your own DIY support rigs. A spare battery is available for extending your shooting time with the Genie II.

What’s your favorite or most elaborate shot you’ve created with the Genie II? Let us know below, and check out the Genie II Linear and Pan/Tilt on the B&H Photo Website, or stop in at the B&H SuperStore when you’re in New York City.