The Hows and Whys of Cinema versus Photography Lenses

Read about how to select the right lenses for still photography and video capture, on B&H Explora.

Tips for HDR Video-Editing Workflow

B&H Explora offers tips for an HDR editing workflow, including monitors and software from companies such as Canon, LG, Sony, Vizio, DaVinci Resolve Studio, SGO Mistika, Adobe, Avid, Panasonic, Small HD, DeckLink, UltraStudio, and Blackmagic Design.

Micro Four Thirds Lenses for Wedding Photographers

The Micro Four Thirds system is becoming popular among a passionate group of wedding photographers. The compact size of the cameras and lens system, as well as the sheer number of available lenses from Olympus, Panasonic, and other manufacturers, not to mention the nearly limitless option of adapted lenses, means that the wedding photographer has many options for capturing the action.

Panasonic Unleashes a Pair of Robust 4K Camcorders

Building on its years of camera innovation, Panasonic delivers with two 4K UHD compact handheld camcorders, the AG-UX90 and AG-UX180. Sharing many features, the two cameras provide you with the option to choose the one that most closely matches your needs, without sacrificing image quality.

CES 2017: 10 Things We Thought Were Cool at CES

It would be an exercise in futility to try and cover everything at CES. The show is enormous, with thousands of exhibitors showing off their products to the roving hordes of guests, retailer representatives, and media folks. Sure, some of the products at the show are, well, questionable, but plenty of others represent the future of the consumer electronics industry. Here, in no particular order, are some of the standouts.

CES 2017: New Panasonic GH5 Specs, Lenses, GX850 and FZ80 Cameras

Panasonic is off to a strong start in 2017 with today’s announcement of complete GH5 specifications, a super-compact GX850 Micro Four Thirds mirrorless, the FZ80 super-zoom point-and-shoot, and a collection of five Micro Four Thirds zoom lenses.

Podcast: Cameras of the Year, 2016

Join us as we talk with two of our most regular and reliable guests about new cameras that were announced in 2016. We hesitate to use the phrase “best” cameras of the year because there a few cameras that we’re not all that crazy about, and a few we can only judge based on their announced specs, but there is plenty to talk about.

Best of 2016: Panasonic and Olympus Micro Four Thirds Lenses

Regardless of whether you are shooting with Olympus mirrorless digital cameras or Panasonic, one of the fantastic benefits of being a Micro Four Thirds shooter is that you can use top-of-the-line optics from either optical manufacturer (and any third-party Micro Four Thirds lens maker). Panasonic and Olympus work to equip their dedicated shooters with lenses that are second to none in terms of image quality and performance.

Why I Switched From Nikon To Fujifilm

None of the top camera brands make bad cameras or lenses,” says Todd Vorenkamp, Senior Creative Content Writer for B&H’s Explora blog. “If you love Nikon, you can stay with it and be happy forever. That goes with any other camera brand. But, if you’re looking to shake things up, you may want to change systems,” he adds.

“The Fujifilm X-T1 made shooting fun for me again—it made it kind of new and different. And, because the system is small and light, I carry my camera around much more than when I was in the DSLR world.”

Best of 2016: Mirrorless Cameras

This was quite the year for mirrorless cameras, with nearly every company showing off its latest and greatest technology. The biennial photokina most certainly played a part in the excitement and let us recognize the extraordinary variety of 2016, including some brand new medium format options, advanced sensor technologies, and some beautiful retro designs.


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