Made in America: 10 Companies with Products Made in the USA

In an era that has witnessed rampant outsourcing of products and services, and innumerable items manufactured in foreign lands, you should find it heartening to know that the B&H website offers more than 8,000 products boasting “Made in U.S.A.” status.

Featured below are 10 such companies, and their associated products that caught our attention. 

Enduring Power: The Zacuto Gripper Series 75Wh Battery

Building a personal camera rig is no easy task. Well, it may seem easy from the outset; however, there are so many things to take into consideration. One of those things is power. Now, it is pretty easy to get away without having a unified power solution for your setup, but once you start running more than just a camera, or your camera just eats through batteries (like my Sony α7S) things can get dicey.

The Still Photographer's Starter Video Kit

Thanks to the DSLR (and now mirrorless) revolution, video shooting has become extremely accessible to more and more individuals, especially the still photographer. Cameras today are emphasizing a combination of photography and video capabilities that produce images that are perfectly suitable for a gallery or movie theater. With many still photographers looking to dip their toes in the motion pool, we have put together the follow list of tools that can help greatly improve video quality.

NAB 2016: the Latest Broadcast Gear You Need to Know About

Can’t make it to NAB this year? Follow along with B&H Photo and stay up to date with what’s being shown in 2016. Every day, we’ll give you a taste of the new product announcements and check in to see if any vaporware turns into actual hardware.

Best of 2016: Innovative Video Gear

When you’re in the mood for gift-giving, or simply have an obligation, what better way to celebrate holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries than to have a look at a some of the innovative video products that have become available this year?

Announcing the Zacuto Gratical X Micro OLED EVF

Zacuto has announced the Gratical X micro-OLED EVF, featuring the same optics and 5.4-million-pixel display with 10,000:1 contrast ratio as Zacuto’s flagship Gratical HD EVF, only at a lower cost. This makes it easier for you to purchase the Gratical X and enjoy the same clear, crisp high-contrast image that aids you in verifying focus with your camera, while providing you with a cost-effective option to add important features à la carte.

New Zacuto Lens Support System

Zacuto announced its new and novel lens support system for use with Canon Cinema EOS Prime Lenses, Compact Zooms, and Zeiss CP.2 prime lenses in EOS mount. The system locks the camera and lens securely to your baseplate, providing support and stability, while still allowing you to swap lenses in about the same amount of time as if you were not using a lens support.


Zacuto Accessories for the Canon C300/500

In an increasingly crowded market, Zacuto is well known as a designer and manufacturer of video-camera accessories. Since the early days of the HDSLR revolution, they’ve made a name for themselves with a comprehensive range of products that transforms cameras designed for still photography into a more video-friendly form factor.

Video Gadgets and Tools that are not Toys

As far as shooting goes, there may be nothing more satisfying than getting the shot you want, or getting that image or camera move exactly the way you see it in your mind. Conversely, there may be nothing as disappointing as coming close to your shot, but just not nailing it. This could be caused by any number of factors, but in the end it feels like expecting ice cream, only to bite into shaving cream instead.


Camera-Bag Stuffers

Your photo bag can hold an assortment of fun and useful treasures. It’s full of pockets, compartments, nooks and crannies for a reason, and a wide variety of compact camera gear and accessories is available to help you realize its full storage potential.



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