Zoom Introduces the New AC-2 Acoustic Creator

Zoom adds the new AC-2 Acoustic Creator to its line of effects boxes designed for acoustic-electric guitarists looking to amplify their sound on stage or in the studio, with a true acoustic sound. This enhanced DI box offers advanced sound remodeling to help restore tones lost through using conventional acoustic pickups. It also features a high-quality pre-amp, which boosts your signal while keeping your sound lush, resonant, and true to your instrument.

Zoom in on the G3Xn Multi-Effects Processor

Are you looking for a whole slew of guitar effects, a bunch of built-in rhythm patterns, and an eighty-second looper, all in one pedal? Then look no farther than the G3n and the G3Xn, both manufactured by Zoom, a company long in the multi-effects processing game.

2017 NAMM Show: Zoom Introduces New G3Xn and G3n Multi-Effects Processors for Guitars

Zoom is the company that started it all in the ’80s by introducing the first line of compact multi-effect DSP guitar processors, establishing a serious reputation as a manufacturer of innovative yet affordable products.

Zoom F-CONTROL: Zoom into Your F4 or F8 with This New Mixing Control Surface

Unveiled: The New Zoom Q2n Handy Video Recorder for Musicians

Moving from Stills to Video: Audio, Audio, Audio

Audio is extremely important. Photographers haven’t really had to worry about this, but it is something that can make or break your videos. Watch some of your favorite movies and pay close attention to the sound—you will probably pick up some audio cues or effects that amplify the scene or action. If recorded poorly, audio can make something completely unwatchable. Have you ever opened a video online to crackling and noise and decided that it just wasn’t worth enduring? Clarity in audio is one of the most important things for keeping your audience immersed in the world of a film.

Zoom H4n Pro and H5 Recorders: A 10-Point Comparison

The following Infographic offers a quick and easy rundown of the feature sets of the H4n Pro and the H5 Handy Recorders. Both recorders offer 24-bit/96 kHz resolution, 140 dB SPL handling, an EIN that’s less than -120 dBu, and USB interface operation.

The Still Photographer's Starter Video Kit

Thanks to the DSLR (and now mirrorless) revolution, video shooting has become extremely accessible to more and more individuals, especially the still photographer. Cameras today are emphasizing a combination of photography and video capabilities that produce images that are perfectly suitable for a gallery or movie theater. With many still photographers looking to dip their toes in the motion pool, we have put together the follow list of tools that can help greatly improve video quality.

New from Zoom: The Very Handy H4n Pro 4-Channel Handy Recorder

New from Zoom: Digital Interfaces for “U”


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