CES 2018: Kodak Gets into the Cryptocurrency Game


Cryptocurrency is all the rage these days, with prices skyrocketing and everyone wanting to get in on the action. But even then, hearing that Kodak is one of the brands releasing its own coin, named KODAKCoin, is one of the most surprising things to emerge from CES this year. By working with WENN Digital, Kodak has developed the KODAKOne platform as a method for photographers to track rights of digital files/images using the blockchain technology made famous by cryptocurrencies. It appears that KODAKOne will become a licensing platform for photographers, but with added security and insurance that photographers will get paid immediately for use of their work. Along with this, the platform will monitor the Web for unlicensed usage and help photographers get the compensation they deserve.

Since the Web and digital image formats have become standard, tracking usage of images has become a nightmare for photographers who are usually independent business owners with little time to track down copyright violations. KODAKCoin wants to fix that. And for those who are worried about the latest cryptocurrency, KODAKCoin is following all compliance regulations of the SEC, and will open its initial coin offering on January 31, 2018.

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I've seen a few announcements on Kodak's BitCoin endeavour. The initial news that I read shows a new twist on rights management, which I think is great on identifying copyright infringement. But later articles seems to indicate that Kodak is venturing into supplying hardware for the mining of bitcoins, of which, they'll take a 50% share.

Hi Ralph,

You are correct. Kodak is also getting into the BitCoin mining hardware area as well, though the details are a little unclear exactly what will happen, you have got the overall summary there. It also doesn't quite seem like this is the Kodak we are all familiar with however, as it looks like it might be a joint venture with another company and involve some licensing of the Kodak name. We will have to wait and see though!