Adobe Announces Elements 14



Adobe has announced Photoshop Elements 14 and Premiere Elements 14, the latest edition of its well-known photo and video-editing and organizing software programs. Elements is known for its highly intuitive and efficient navigation environments and user-friendly interface, and this edition emphasizes improvements to simplify and enhance the user experience. It provides many of the tools found in Photoshop and Premiere and is ideal for photo and video enthusiasts—those looking to get their digital imagery collected and organized simply and without the advanced and perhaps superfluous features provided by the more complex programs. New to Photoshop Elements 14 is an improved Shake Reduction tool to remove the blur caused by camera movement, a new Haze Removal tool, easier guided edits to resize your images or add “motion,” a refined Selection Matting tool, a new category of Quick Effects and a user experience overhaul of the Quick Edit page design.

Premiere Elements 14 Video Editor brings with it 4K support for many new cameras, customizable Motion Titles and two new guided edits: Color Pop, which “pops out” one color while making the rest of your video black-and-white; and Time Remapping edit, which adds slow, fast, or reverse motion to your video. Also, the design for selecting export options has been improved to be “goal-based” and is easier to navigate. Finally, audio capabilities have been relocated to a common place, making them more “discoverable” and better utilized in context with video editing.

Elements 14 Organizer provides easier access to your images with improved naming, facial recognition and location assignment systems that let you group like images and easily create slideshows or even photo books. And perhaps the most basic user interface improvements will be the most welcomed, including revised welcome screens, the above-mentioned guided edits, and an easier connection to the existing Elements ecosystem. Photoshop Elements 14 and Premier Elements 14 are available individually or bundled together and are available bundled only in the Student & Teacher Edition

In addition to above DVD platforms, Photoshop Elements 14, Premiere Elements 14, the two program bundle and the Student & Teacher bundle are available as download cards.

Photoshop Elements - Shake Reduction

Photoshop Elements - Haze Removal

Photoshop Elements - Refine Selection

Photoshop Elements - Creations

Photoshop Elements - Guided Edits

Photoshop Elements - Motion Titles

Photoshop Elements - Organzier





I worked with Adobe Premiere and Photoshop in the 90's until the time Adobe lauched the CS's kit for all the Adobe programs and at the time I had to quit Adobe getting another video editing programs, but sincerely I love Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop and I would like to learn about the news about Pro versions individually of Adobe Premiere And Adobe Photoshop, because I see in the samples above the tools are very helpful and interesting.

                                                              THANKS ADOBE GUYS.

                                                                  EFREN GONZALEZ

Bought this product yesterday and have confirmation email, but cannot download it.  Would love to try all the new things.