Unveiled: BlackRapid Breathe Straps Provide Choice, Function, and Comfort


Helping to lead the way in strap technology, the new BlackRapid line of Breathe straps and accessories represent a range of tools to give photographers or binocular users flexibility and choice in the way they carry their gear into the field. Individually, each strap and strap accessory is designed for comfort while maximizing functionality, making it easier to capture the moment or see the action. Additionally, the Breathe-series straps have been made to be especially lightweight and, wherever needed, feature moisture-wicking air mesh breathable pads, spring-loaded bumper locks, as well as new, durable buckles and rugged connection points.

Available with black or orange webbing, the new Cross Shot Breathe’s rubber-molded pad grips the shoulder, keeping it in place at all times, eliminating slips and maintaining  peace of mind regardless of whether the attached camera is slung over the left or right shoulder. Its compact form factor is robust enough for heavy loads and new spring-loaded bumper locks make it especially easy to maintain optimal camera placement.

For photographers who need to carry two cameras, the Double Breathe Camera Harness comfortably distributes the weight of their gear. Even when connected to two large cameras with their attached lenses, the Double Breathe remains comfortable to wear, due to its resilient and breathable mesh padding, which cushions the back and shoulders. The padding's structure optimizes air circulation between the wearer and the harness, which works to remove and minimize perspiration in when the mercury rises. For those with a thin or small build, the Double Slim Breathe Camera Harness can be chosen for a better fit.

Double Breathe Camera Harness

Like the camera harnesses, the Sport Breathe Camera Strap incorporates generously sized, moisture-wicking padding. Designed for the sport or adventure photographer carrying one camera and lens who intends to move quickly, whether on flat or rugged terrain, the Sport Breathe further stabilizes the attached camera when used with its included Brad Breathe Stabilizing Strap. The Brad Breathe secures the strap under the user’s left shoulder and prevents the attached camera from twisting as it rests along one’s right side. When camera movement along the side is less of a concern, the Brad Breathe is easy to remove. For left-handed photographers, the Sport Left Breathe Camera Strap can be slung over the right shoulder, and includes a Brad Breathe, as well.

The Curve Breathe Camera Strap incorporates many of the stabilizing and comfort features of the Sport Breathe, including spring-loaded bumpers, as well as a stabilizing strap, but with a slimmer shoulder pad. This results in a strap that offers the performance advantages associated with the Sport Breathe, but is lighter and can better fit right-handed photographers with a thin or small build. Right-handed photographers looking for an ultra-light and packable solution can choose the Street Breathe Camera Strap, which incorporates a low-profile synthetic rubber shoulder pad that minimizes slipping and is seamlessly integrated with the strap’s webbing. With a focus on the essentials, the Street Breathe weighs only 3.4 ounces and includes its own nylon stuff sack.

Extra width allows the Hybrid Breathe Camera Strap’s shoulder pad to accommodate and comfortably distribute the weight of two cameras when the occasion arises. Its secondary webbing that allows a camera to rest against a photographer’s left side is detachable, allowing the Hybrid Breathe to also serve as a single-camera strap for larger-framed photographers who desire the moisture-wicking padding, spring-loaded bumpers, and stabilizing strap featured with the Sport Breathe and Curve Breathe Camera Straps.

Hybrid Breathe Camera Strap

Hikers and photographers who travel with a backpack but need easy camera access afforded by a BlackRapid camera strap can choose the Backpack Breathe Camera Strap, which is designed to integrate with a backpack’s existing straps. Aluminum-alloy carabiners allow the Backpack Breathe to securely lock onto any D-rings or loops along a backpack’s shoulder strap that are typically above a sternum strap. The other end of the Backpack Breathe can then be clipped onto the backpack’s other shoulder strap below its ladder-lock buckle. This design allows right or left-handed photographers to sling their camera along either side of their backpack while adding a minimal 4.5 ounces to their load. Whether scrambling uphill or on a flat trail, the length of the Backpack Breathe can be easily adjusted by its own front D-ring and ladder lock while the spring-loaded bumper locks further limit unwanted camera movement.

Binocular users who wish to enjoy the benefit of BlackRapid’s lightweight and low-profile synthetic rubber padding can choose the Binocular Breathe strap, which incorporates two small cord loops on each end. Photographers who prefer to use the small connection points on the sides of their camera that are intended for their camera manufacturer’s straps can use the Binocular Breathe as a lightweight camera strap, as well. Additionally, both the left and right webbing on the Binocular Breathe are detachable from the neck pad and can be connected to the Double Breathe or Double Slim Breathe camera harnesses. These versatile combinations allow a camera to be carried along both sides of the wearer with a binocular or third camera in front of one’s chest.

Those who need to react to their subject as fast as possible and wish to keep their camera in hand constantly can choose from the Wrist Breathe Camera Strap or the Hand Breathe Camera Strap. Both options help to ensure a connected camera’s safety by securing it to one’s wrist, while the Hand Breathe provides additional comfort with its wraparound synthetic rubber padding. A removable wrist-support pad further distributes the weight of a connected camera, which can be essential when photographing with large DSLRs with heavy lenses. The Wrist Breathe is also available with the FR-5 FastenR Breathe, which includes over-molded stainless steel, nylon coating, and a design that prevents over-tightening. Its large attachment point accommodates straps that incorporate the new CR-3 ConnectR. For maximum piece of mind, the CR-3 ConnectR’s carabiner with solid brass closure further helps to ensure that a connected camera and strap never become separated.  

Hand Breathe Camera Strap

Other BlackRapid accessories made to create better or more convenient camera connections include the Bert Breathe Strap, which can be added to the existing webbing on a stand-alone Breathe strap. Larger-framed or taller customers can then enjoy an additional 15" of webbing length. The Lockstar Breathe Clip serves the dual purpose of further securing a CR-3 ConnectR locking mechanism and prevents it from coming into direct contact with a camera body, while the CoupleR Strap allows two straps to be joined in order to create a functional double harness. It is also included with and integrates with the Double Breathe and Double Slim Breathe camera harnesses to further stabilize two cameras that have already been attached to either of them. Finally, the new Tether Kit includes improved safety tethers and carabiners that create additional camera-to-strap connections whenever needed.