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Impact Pro Backdrop Support Kit (12.9' Width)

Impact Pro Backdrop Support Kit (12.9' Width)

B&H # IMBGPS440 MFR # BG-PS440
Key Features
  • Two Light Stands, One Crossbar
  • Extra-Wide Stable Base
  • Maximum Height: 13.5'
  • Supports Backdrops up to 12.9' Wide
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Impact Wall Mounting Kit with Metal Chain for Roll Paper

Impact Wall Mounting Kit with Metal Chain for Roll Paper

Key Features
  • 2x Triple Background Hooks
  • 3x Varidrives with Metal Chains
  • Holds 3 Seamless Backgrounds up to 9'
  • Fast Chain-pull Background Change
Reg. $224.80
Save $90.00
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Impact Wall Mounting Kit for Holding Three Seamless Backdrops

Key Features
  • Includes Three Varidrives, Chains, Weights
  • Includes Two Triple Wall Hooks
  • Easily Raise/Lower Background Paper
  • Color-Coded Chains
Reg. $146.80
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Savage Background Port-A-Stand Kit

B&H # SABGSPASQ MFR # 62037-50
Key Features
  • 2 Support Stands
  • Telescopic Crossbar
  • Bag
  • Roll of 53" White Seamless Paper
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Impact BGS-S12-V2 Background Support System (12')

Key Features
  • Holds up to 9' x 12 yd Seamless Paper
  • Supports Backdrops up to 20 lb
  • Support Stands Convert into Light stands
  • Crossbars Extend 6 to 12' Wide
In Stock

Westcott X-Drop Pro Backdrop Stand (5 and 8')

B&H # WE870X MFR # 870X
Key Features
  • For 8' X-Drop Pro and 5' X-Drop
  • Folds Down to 34" Long
  • Adjustable Depth
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Photoflex Pro-Duty Backdrop Support Kit (12.5' Width)

B&H # PHPDBDSK MFR # 870322
Key Features
  • Strong and Stable
  • Stands Go to 12' High
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Studio Essentials Wall Mounting Kit for Paper Rolls

Key Features
  • DIY Kit for Hanging Backdrop Paper
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Raya Background Support Kit (Small)

Key Features
  • 2 Support Stands and 4-Piece Crossbar
  • 2 A-Clamps
  • 6' Maximum Height
  • Crossbar Extendable from 4.9' to 9.8'
Reg. $59.95
Save $25.00
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Manfrotto Background Support System (9' Width)

B&H # MA1314B MFR # 1314B
Key Features
  • Securely Hold Background Paper
  • Max Height 8'
Reg. $377.88
Save $100.00
Limited supply at this price
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Impact Deluxe Varipole Support System with Metal Chain Kit

Key Features
  • 2x Deluxe Varipoles
  • 2x Triple Background Hooks
  • 2x Super Clamps
  • 3x Varidrives with Metal Chains
Reg. $419.75
Save $140.00
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Impact Deluxe Varipole Support System (Black)

Key Features
  • Complete Studio Backdrop System
  • Accepts Three Backdrops
  • Includes All Components Except Backdrop
  • Includes Three Chain Drives and Weights
Reg. $351.75
Save $102.00
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Impact MBM-1000 Magnetic Background Mount System

B&H # IMMBM1000 MFR # MBM-1000
Key Features
  • Magnetically Hang Backgrounds on Walls
  • Quickly Exchange Backgrounds
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Use with Paper, Fabric, Vinyl, and More
Reg. $195.00
Save $96.00
Limited supply at this price
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Impact Basic Varipole Support System

Key Features
  • 2x Varipoles
  • 2x Super Clamps with Studs
  • 2x U-Hooks
  • 1x Crossbar
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Impact Collapsible Reflector / Background Holder Kit

Key Features
  • 1 x Air-Cushioned Light Stand: 8'
  • 1 x Reflector Holder
  • For Collapsible Reflectors / Backgrounds
  • Holds up to 60" Round Reflectors
Reg. $64.67
Save $25.00
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Manfrotto Magnetic Background Support Kit

B&H # MALB1121 MFR # LL LB1121
Key Features
  • Magnetic Background Support
  • Light Stand
  • Blue Fabric Bag
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Savage Universal Background Stand

B&H # SAUBGS MFR # 601024
Key Features
  • Three Support Stands
  • Two Interlocking 12' Wide Crossbars
  • Reinforced Crossbars Reduce Sag
  • Middle Bracket Allows for Corner Shoots
In Stock

Impact Wall Mounting Kit with Metal Chains

Key Features
  • Includes Background Triple Hooks
  • Includes Varidrives with Metal Chains
  • Mounts on Wall
  • Eliminates Need for Background System
Reg. $224.80
Save $90.00
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Westcott Background Support System (10.5' Width)

B&H # WEBK MFR # 9014
Key Features
  • 7-10.5' Width
  • 40 lb Weight Capacity
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Westcott X-Drop Backdrop Stand for 5 x 7' Backdrop

B&H # WE570X MFR # 570X
Key Features
  • Freestanding / Telescoping Legs/Arms
  • Top/Bottom Hooks for Backdrop
  • Rubber Feet for Stability
  • Aluminum Composition
In Stock

Savage Multiple Polevault System (12.6' Width)

B&H # SABGSMPV MFR # 63151
Key Features
  • 9.75' Stands
In Stock

Neewer 4-Roller Manual Background Support System

B&H # NE66600204 MFR # 66600204
Key Features
  • Easily Installed on Wall or Ceiling
  • Great for Small, Medium, or Home Studios
  • Counterweighted Height Adjustment Chain
  • Expand Bars Grip Seamless or Metal Tube
In Stock

Raya Portable Studio Kit

Key Features
  • Small Background Support Kit
  • 2 x A-Clamps
  • Carry Case for Storage or Transport
  • LED Lamp Holder with Umbrella Socket
Reg. $237.50
Save $138.00
In Stock

Neewer Roller Wall Mounting Manual Background Support System

B&H # NE66600016 MFR # 66600016
Key Features
  • Easily Installed on Wall or Ceiling
  • Great for Small, Medium, or Home Studios
  • Counterweighted Height Adjustment Chain
  • Expand Bars Grip Seamless or Metal Tube
In Stock

Ulanzi Multifunction Photo Studio Stand

B&H # UL2957 MFR # 2957
Key Features
  • For Vloggers, Streamers, Photographers
  • Door Design Expands Upwards, Saves Space
  • DIY-Friendly, Flexible Assembly
  • Max Load up to 22 lb
In Stock

Manfrotto Bracketed Stand for Collapsible Backgrounds - 7.3' (2.2m)

B&H # MABSCSP MFR # 3355
Key Features
  • Five Sections, Background Frame Clip
In Stock
In Stock

EASIFRAME Cyclorama Curved Fabric Frame

Key Features
  • Measures 8 x 7 x 6'
  • Seamless Transition From Wall to Floor
  • Strong and Lightweight Aluminum
  • Wall Mounts Included
Reg. $504.00
Save $125.00
Limited supply at this price
In Stock

Studio Essentials Pop-Up Background and Reflector Stand with Clip (7.5')

B&H # STCOR780 MFR # COR780
Key Features
  • Load Capacity: 6.6 lb
  • Maximum Height: 7.5'
  • Minimum Height: 27.5"
  • Spring-Cushioned Height Adjustment
In Stock

Savage 12 x 12' Background Stand

B&H # SA601212 MFR # 601212
Key Features
  • Two Support Stands
  • Accommodates Multiple Backgrounds
  • Four-Section, Snap-Together Crossbar
  • Extended Width: 12'
In Stock
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Shopping for Backdrop Stands & Holders

Backdrop stands securely hold sheets of paper, cloth, or plastic that form the backgrounds for your photographs. Also known as backdrop holders, they also allow you to change the background setting to suit various types of photography jobs.

With stands, you can quickly switch from simple, plain backgrounds for official photographs to plain colors and patterns for family portraits. There are also photo-realistic scenes of comic characters or settings for fun snaps of kids. Backdrops feature a variety of materials, including seamless background paper, muslin, canvas, and velour, and you can find vinyl and PVC backgrounds as well. Whatever the material, you need the right backdrop stands to support them to ensure evenness and stability.


What Are Photography Backdrop Stands?

Backdrop stands are essentially simple frames on which to drape your backgrounds. They're generally comprised of two stands joined by crossbars, (backdrop poles), from which you hang your backgrounds. Most photography background stands feature tripod legs, and you can use sandbags and safety weights to provide extra stability. The most popular material is aluminum, which provides the right blend of strength and lightness. Most crossbars come in sections that telescope to allow for easy width adjustment.

How to Set Up a Backdrop Stand

Photo backdrop stands consist of interlocking components, which makes them relatively simple to assemble. It's mainly a matter of snapping the upright bars into the bases, and fixing the crossbars with spring clamps (A-clamps) or Velcro.

If you need to work on location, you can find compact and lightweight models that you can comfortably carry and assemble. They usually come in padded travel cases for protection and easy transport. These are ideal for use at events such as weddings, which require professional photography out in the field.

Backdrop Stand Sizes

The ideal dimension of your photography background stands depends on a number of factors. The two most important are the type and size of backdrop you'll be working with, and the amount of space you have in your studio. Backdrops come in standard sizes ranging from 3.5 feet wide, which are suitable for headshots and kids, up to 24-feet wide, which can accommodate entire families and are usable for video shoots.

If you plan to carry out large shoots, you can find stands comprised of three upright stands with two crossbars. They can offer widths of up to 24 feet, or serve to hold two different backdrops to allow speedy scene changes. They're also ideal for positioning in corners to maximize the use of space.

If you're very short on space, consider collapsible backgrounds. You can hang these from hooks or prop them up against a wall without the need for a stand.

Set up your photography studio for success with the backdrop stands and background support accessories available at B&H Photo and Video.