A Studio Visit with Elinor Carucci

When Elinor Carucci is behind the camera, the distinction between public and private moments disappears. For more than two decades, Carucci has offered an unflinching look into her personal life as she left her family in Jerusalem, moved to New York City, and raised a family of her own. Carucci’s work has been celebrated for its transformation of the oft-overlooked details of everyday life into compelling expressions of emotion and intimacy.

Photographs © Elinor Carucci

Profoto Reveals Upgraded B1X 500 AirTTL Monolight

Profoto has been running full speed these past few years with the expansion of its AirTTL system with new monolights, brand new lighting systems, and lightning-fast power packs. So, it is only fitting that the company has come full circle since it has just revealed the upgraded B1X 500 AirTTL Monolight 1-Light To-Go Kit and 2-Light Location Kit.

Firmware B7 Now Available for Profoto Air Remote TTL-N

Keep your Profoto Air System and Nikon camera working in perfect sync with the new firmware, version B7. Easily downloaded from the Profoto website and installed via the Air Remote TTL-N’s USB connection, this update ensures full support for the D5 and D500 DSLRs. Also, it fixes an auto-power-off bug, along with some more minor issues.

Things We Love: Light of My Life—Profoto B1

Profoto B1, I must thank you for illuminating the way during some of my darkest moments. Before you came along, the idea of having a capable and portable lighting kit of your caliber was unheard of. A stand-alone 500Ws monolight with lightning-fast flash durations and 20 fps burst shooting, and you manage to communicate with my camera in its own TTL language? Now I had access to features such as high-speed sync for working in more trying and bright scenarios. That wasn’t enough for you though, as it cannot be left out that you run on a battery.

A Tintype Portrait of the B&H Photography Podcast Team

After having the folk from the Penumbra Foundation on our show this summer, they were kind enough to invite the B&H Photography Podcast team to their studio and sit for a tintype portrait.

Unveiled: Profoto Pro-10 AirTTL 2400Ws Power Pack

The introduction of the Pro-10 power pack from Profoto satisfies the need for speed while continuing on a TTL roll that gave us the recently debuted D1 monolight. The 2-outlet 2400Ws pack recycles in 0.02 to 0.7 seconds, faster than its Pro-8 predecessor, and is capable of quick bursts of up to 50 flashes per second. The power range has also expanded to 11 stops (2.4 – 2400Ws), selectable in full or 1/10-stop increments on its high-resolution display. Action and special effects shooters will appreciate significantly faster flash durations as short as 1/80,000-second.

12 Recommended Breakdown Studio Lighting Kits

Everyone who has ever lugged around heavy gear has a soft spot for the breakdown studio. They all have in common the barest you'll need to get the job done, are fast to set up and break down, and are lightweight. Of course, there are choices to be made—flash or constant light, for instance. Flash has the benefit of stopping action, while constant sources allow you to see exactly what you'll get in the finished product.

Unveiled: Profoto Expands OCF System with Collapsible Beauty Dish + Filter Kits

14 Recommended Lighting Kits for Photography

The holidays have always been a season of lights, so what better time to point out some of the great lighting kits available at B&H, as gifts or for those gifting themselves? It's a very broad field, and the items suggested here represent a fraction of 1% of the many kits we carry, so we'll take it one category at a time.

Lightweight Portable Power: Profoto B2 250 AirTTL Off-Camera Flash

Profoto has done it again. A little over a year since the release of the revolutionary B1, the company is expanding its Off-Camera Flash System with the B2 250 AirTTL, a portable battery-powered pack with TTL operation for both on- and off-camera use. It has two fully asymmetrical outputs for connecting one or two of the extremely lightweight heads that can be easily mounted on a bracket with your camera, a monopod, or a stand for setting up the lights exactly as you see fit.


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