Unveiled: Profoto Pro-10 AirTTL 2400Ws Power Pack

The introduction of the Pro-10 power pack from Profoto satisfies the need for speed while continuing on a TTL roll that gave us the recently debuted D1 monolight. The 2-outlet 2400Ws pack recycles in 0.02 to 0.7 seconds, faster than its Pro-8 predecessor, and is capable of quick bursts of up to 50 flashes per second. The power range has also expanded to 11 stops (2.4 – 2400Ws), selectable in full or 1/10-stop increments on its high-resolution display. Action and special effects shooters will appreciate significantly faster flash durations as short as 1/80,000-second.

12 Recommended Breakdown Studio Lighting Kits

Everyone who has ever lugged around heavy gear has a soft spot for the breakdown studio. They all have in common the barest you'll need to get the job done, are fast to set up and break down, and are lightweight. Of course, there are choices to be made—flash or constant light, for instance. Flash has the benefit of stopping action, while constant sources allow you to see exactly what you'll get in the finished product.

Unveiled: Profoto Expands OCF System with Collapsible Beauty Dish + Filter Kits

Lightweight Portable Power: Profoto B2 250 AirTTL Off-Camera Flash

Profoto has done it again. A little over a year since the release of the revolutionary B1, the company is expanding its Off-Camera Flash System with the B2 250 AirTTL, a portable battery-powered pack with TTL operation for both on- and off-camera use. It has two fully asymmetrical outputs for connecting one or two of the extremely lightweight heads that can be easily mounted on a bracket with your camera, a monopod, or a stand for setting up the lights exactly as you see fit.

CP+ 2015: A Visit to the Hasselblad and Profoto Booth

The Latest Light-Shaping Tools From Profoto

Light is what makes photography possible, and precise, nuanced lighting control is what enables photographers to capture truly professional-looking images that showcase and enhance whatever is in front of their cameras. Some of the primary tools knowledgeable photographers employ to control the lighting precisely are light modifiers.


First Look: Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Off-Camera Flash

When Profoto rolls out a new product, you sit up and take notice, whether it’s an umbrella, reflector, or battery charger. So, when a new flash head became available for field testing, I was totally onboard.

Brian Smith on How to Take Better Portraits

Brian Smith is a Sony Artisan, and a world-famous portrait photographer. His client list includes many celebrities and major players in the entertainment industry, and he is a recipient of the Pultizer Prize. For the past thirty years, Brian has been in the editorial and advertising photography industry, after having a photo make it into LIFE magazine at the age of 20.

Drawing upon this experience, Brian will be giving a lecture at the B&H Event Space soon. He's also celebrating the release of his recently published book, "Secrets of Great Portait Photography: Photographs of the Famous and Infamous."

We got to talk to Brian for a bit about how to capture better portraits. Here are his tips.

Lighting Gear for Outdoor Portraits

Creative Lighting Techniques for Big Events

Wikipedia succinctly defines wedding photography as “the photography of activities relating to weddings. It encompasses photographs of the couple before marriage as well as coverage of the wedding and reception."



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